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Connect to eduroam

Information for UM Staff & Students

Step-by-step instructions to set up eduroam on laptops, smartphones and tablets are available below. When at the visited institution, eduroam configured wireless devices connect to the Internet without the need for any additional settings.

Some institutions may restrict what is available through eduroam. Students and staff are encouraged to check the website of the institution for details of what services are made available.

How to Connect

Most Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X devices can be set up to connect to eduroam by selecting the eduroam network and entering the University email address as username, and the corresponding email password. For android and other platform specific guides, please refer the list below.

eduroam Connection Problems

A number of eduroam connection problems can be resolved by removing (forgetting) the eduroam network settings from your device and then setting it up again. Please refer to the list below for platform-specific guides on how to forget the eduroam network.

For further assistance please contact our Helpdesk.

Information for Visitors from eduroam Participating Institutions

Visitors can use the eduroam UM wireless network with no further configuration if their home organisation uses eduroam as well. IT Services recommends that visitors have their devices configured for eduroam use and tested at their home institution before arriving at the University of Malta. 

Any queries or problems regarding laptop or mobile device set up for eduroam should be referred to their home institution's IT Support.

Last Updated: 3 October 2019

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