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Following a successful pilot of lecture capture between 2013 and 2015, IT Services is supporting staff to record their lectures. 

Lecture capture involves the recording of classroom-based activities (audio, video, electronic presentations, demos on the workstation and writing/material displayed via the visualiser) and subsequently making these recordings available to students through the VLE on the respective VLE area. The lecture capture technology used at the University of Malta is based on Panopto.

Why should it interest me?

Lecture capture technology is widely available in universities elsewhere, many of which have opted for campus-wide usage based on student feedback. The recording of lectures can provide a useful resource for students, and can be used to:

  • provide a study aid for revision
  • help accommodate different approaches to learning
  • assist students whose first language is not English
  • assist students who have particular accessibility requirements or educational needs.

The lecture capture service complements face-to-face teaching and it is not intended to replace attendance at live lectures. The University shall monitor student attendance to ensure that there are no negative impacts in attendance resulting from the lecture capture policy. 

Lecture capture is being offered as an opt-in service.

How can academics record using lecture capture?

Academics may opt to use the following lecture capture services:

  • Automated Classroom Capture

    Some teaching spaces are equipped with lecture capture technology - a workstation, ceiling camera, audio mixer, microphones, and a visualiser. Academics scheduled to teach in these spaces can opt to have their lectures automatically recorded.

    More information about automated classroom capture, including the booking procedure is available.

  • Personal Capture

    Staff are also able to install personal capture software on their laptops/desktop computers to enable recordings from their office, home, on field trips etc. The recordings will then be made available to students through the VLE.

    Personal captures can be created for a variety of purposes, including short mini-lectures that student watch prior to attending class, preparing students for specific tasks or assignments that are occurring in the course like large projects or lab activities or for providing general assessment review and feedback to the class. 

    More information about personal capture is available.


The following chart is a summary of the recording process:


Additional information

  • The University recognizes and acknowledges that:
    • not all teaching styles are suitable for capture, for example where there is a high degree of student participation;
    • a requirement for staff to change their preferred teaching style for the purpose of recording might be detrimental to the student experience, and is not encouraged; 
    • ethical issues, or the use of commercially sensitive material, might render the recording of some lectures as being inappropriate.

  • The teaching spaces equipped for automated recordings have cameras configured to capture the lecturer and the instructional wall only. The students will not appear in a recording unless they go near the instructional wall. Staff can also opt out of the video recording whilst still capturing the electronic slides, writing on the visualiser and the audio content.

  • Recordings will be available only to the students who are registered on the VLE area, co-tutors delivering lectures pertaining to that same study-unit / subject, or University staff who have authorised access. Academics will be able to review, edit and approve a recording before making it available through the VLE. Recordings will normally be made available to students for the duration of their programme of study.

Academic staff and students are encouraged to read the University of Malta Lecture Capture Policy to learn about the University’s expectations in relation to the recording of lectures. 



IT Services offers training at no cost to academic staff who want to use Lecture Capture to enhance their study-unit / class VLE areas. Panopto is the Lecture Capture system supported by the University of Malta.


Workshop: Introduction to Lecture Capture

This workshop aims to give an introduction to the UM Lecture Capture system for staff who would like to learn about automated and personal capture. The 1-hr session will include:

  • Overview of the Lecture Capture system at UM
  • Benefits and practical tips for using Lecture Capture
  • Outline of the steps to follow to make use of the Lecture Capture system.
No prior skills and knowledge about Lecture Capture is required. A follow-up hands-on workshop will be offered.


Date Time Venue Status
Tue 04-Feb-20
IT Services Training Room 107


You can ask to be placed on the waiting list if the above workshops are fully booked, or are at a time which is inconvenient for you. You will be notified by email when the next workshop is scheduled.


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