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General information about lecture capture

A number of teaching spaces are equipped with lecture capture technology. These rooms are equipped with a workstation, ceiling camera, audio mixer, microphones, a visualiser and an On-Air light indicator. Academics scheduled to teach in these rooms can opt to have their lectures automatically recorded.

What is Captured?

  • Presenter voice - Academics are reminded  to use the wearable microphones available on the teaching desk. If one is more comfortable using a hand-held microphone, this may be borrowed from the beadle station. Remember, no microphone.. no audio recording!
  • Computer audio - Any videos displayed during the lecture are captured, including their audio. Please read through the University of Malta Lecture Capture Policy for information about Copyright, IPR and Ethical Issues. It is highly suggested that third party material is trimmed out of the recording before making the recording available to the student.
  • Screen capture - The IT Services workstation screen is always captured. For Automated Classroom Capture, it is important that tutors use the stationary workstation available on the teacher's desk. Information about using the workstation is available
  • Visualiser content
  • Camera - The camera captures the lecturer and the instructional wall only. The students will not appear in a recording unless they go near the instructional wall. Staff can opt out of the video recording whilst still capturing the electronic slides, writing on the visualiser and the audio content.

Lecture capture technology should not be used for highly interactive sessions.

It is highly important for tutors to get familiar with the Automated classroom capture setup Checklist [PDF].

How do academics opt-in for Automated Classroom Capture? 

Below is a list of learning spaces enabled for automated classroom capture. Information on how to book these learning spaces is available further below. 

Msida Campus Seating Capacity
TR107 (Level 1) - IT Services Building 20
VC Hall 101 (Level 1) - IT Services Building 64
VC Hall 102 (Level 1) - IT Services Building 34
Arts Lecture Theatre - Old Humanities Building 216
Seminar Hall BM402 (Level 4) - Biomedical Building 170
Lecture Theatre 1 (Level 1) - Dun Mikiel Xerri, Lecture Centre 158
Lecture Theatre 2 (Level 2) - Dun Mikiel Xerri, Lecture Centre 144
LC217 (Level 2) - Dun Mikiel Xerri, Lecture Centre 62
Junior College Seating Capacity
Room C409 (Level 4) 54
Valletta Campus Seating Capacity 
Room 2  35
Mater Dei Hospital Seating Capacity
Central Auditorium  400
Lecture Room 4/5  175


Bookings related to Study-units

Academics wishing to make use of the Automated Lecture Capture service for some or all of their study-units are kindly asked to inform their Faculty Office accordingly. The Faculty Office should then indicate the need for Automated Lecture Capture technology when booking rooms through the relevant Scheduling Office booking form.

Non Study-unit and/or One-off event bookings

For one-off events where the automated lecture capture service is needed, kindly contact the Conference Unit and indicate that such a service is required.


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Last Updated: 10 March 2020

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