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Interactive Whiteboard 

The Interactive Whiteboard 

The interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a type of touch screen whiteboard that comes as part of the integral system to use in conjunction with a computer and projector:

  • The workstation (computer) sends an image of an application to the projector.
  • The projector casts the image onto the interactive whiteboard.
  • The interactive whiteboard acts as both the monitor and input device, letting you control any application by using a special pen or finger touch.


SMART Notebook

The SMART Notebook software, which is installed on tutor workstations in IT Services training rooms, acts as an electronic notebook that can be used to input, edit, save and distribute information written on an interactive whiteboard. Notebook can be used to act as a traditional flipchart, allowing you to easily create and flip back through lecture notes on multiple pages.

User Guides

Video Resources 

A collection of informative video clips suggested by IT Services.

Disclaimer: Some features in the video clips listed below might differ from what is provided at IT Services training rooms.

SMART Ink Video Toolkit

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Last Updated: 13 March 2014

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