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How do I change my UM IT Account password?

You can change your UM IT Account password here. You will be prompted for your username, your current password and the new password. You will need to confirm the new password.

Passwords should be at least 8 characters long. It is advisable to include characters in uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers. This will make it difficult for others to guess your password.

Please note: The new password will be set for all services requiring use of the UM IT Account.

Do not disclose your UM IT Account password to anyone. In case of doubt you are strongly advised to change your password. Access to your password enables anyone to view your personal data, and to make use of the resources allocated to you.

Staff who have forgotten their password can reset it using the personal activation code that was provided to them by the Office for Human Resources Management & Development at the start of their employment. If the activation code is not available, staff should call personally at the relevant IT Services Reception desk to be provided with their activation code. Valid identification (ID Card or Passport) must be presented. 

Students who have forgotten their password can reset it using the personal activation code indicated on the University acceptance letter they received at the beginning of their course. If the acceptance letter has been misplaced, students should call personally at IT Services Reception desk to be provided with their activation code. Valid identification (ID Card or Passport) must be presented.

Activation codes or passwords are not sent via email due to security concerns.

How do I log on an IT Services workstation?

Students registered to use the IT Services computing facilities can follow these instructions:

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time. This will display the Logon Information dialog box.
    If the Unlock Workstation dialog box is displayed, then the computer you are trying to log on to is in use by another user who has just moved away from the computer. In this case, find an unused workstation.
  2. In the Username field, type in your username e.g. zbor0001.
  3. In the Password field, type in your UM IT Account password.
  4. In the Domain field, select CSC.
  5. Click OK button to logon. The standard windows desktop is displayed.

If you fail to log on to the system as indicated above, seek assistance from IT Services Support staff.

What software is available on IT Services workstations?

The following software is installed on all IT Services workstations:

  • Google Chrome - an Internet browser program.
  • MS Word - a word-processing package used for preparing essays, project reports, dissertations etc.
  • MS Excel - a spreadsheet package used for manipulating numeric data, preparing charts etc.
  • MS PowerPoint - a presentation/graphics package used for preparing onscreen presentations, overhead transparencies, slides etc.
  • MS Access - a database package used to manipulate data, prepare forms & reports etc.
  • IBM SPSS - a statistical package used to analyse and report on data collected from questionnaire surveys etc.
  • QSR NVivo - a qualitative software package for managing and analysing qualitative data, such as interview transcripts, field notes, images and videos.
  • Adobe Acrobat - a program used to convert files to a universal file format [PDF] that may be viewed on any computer having the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader® installed. PDF files are compact and preserve the look of the original files.
  • Adobe PhotoShop - an imaging program used to prepare and edit graphics for printing and posting to the Web.

The workstations in the Faculty for the Built Environment Lab also have AutoDesk Architectural Desktop software installed.

The workstations in the Media & Knowledge Sciences Lab also have Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium software installed. 

All workstations in the IT Services New Building have GIS software installed.

A set of guides covering the basic skills required to use MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS PowerPoint are available at the IT Services documentation page.

What should I do when I'm done from using an IT Services workstation?

Do not switch off the computer when you have finished from it. Log off as indicated below:

  1. Close all application programs.
  2. Click Start button.
  3. Click Log off. The Logon Information dialog box will be displayed. The computer may now be used by another user.

How do I browse the World Wide Web (WWW)?

  1. Double-click the Google Chrome shortcut on the windows desktop. This will start the browser, which gives you access to the World Wide Web.
  2. In the Location field, type the URL (address) of the website you want to visit.
  3. Press the ENTER key. Provided you have entered the correct URL, the web page is available on the web server and there are no problems with Internet connections, the requested web page will be displayed.

If you do not know the URL of a web page try any of the following search engines to search for information:

  1. Click on one of the above links. The search engine page will be displayed.
  2. In the Search field type in the word/s you want to search.
  3. Press the ENTER key.

This will display a screen listing a number of links to sites related to your search. If you have not managed to find what you want, try and use different keywords in your search, or try a different search engine.

More information about web browsing is available at IT Services documentation web page.

What should I do to send and receive email?

Information about email can be accessed online.

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Last Updated: 26 September 2017

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