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Members of staff should read carefully through all the information indicated on the videoconferencing pages, including charges and facilities BEFORE submitting the booking form.

Kindly note that booking requests are to be submitted using relevant forms available on the Scheduling office webpages. Once Scheduling office inform requestors that a Provisional booking has been done, the Videoconferencing booking form may be completed.

Members of staff are requested to complete and submit the underlying form to book:

  • One-off videoconference sessions
  • Videoconference sessions spanning a semester

For one-off sessions, the form must be submitted at least 10 working days before the date of the videoconference session.

For videoconference sessions spanning a semester, the form must be submitted at least 1 month before the start of the semester.

Once the form is submitted, IT Services staff will contact the organiser to confirm the conference details and schedule a test session.

Bookings can only be confirmed if the test session is successful and upon availability of videoconferencing rooms/halls. Contact us on +356 2340 4113 if you require assistance with completing the form.


The organiser is the person coordinating the booking.

Name *

Surname *

Faculty / Institute / Centre / Department *

Contact Number *

Email Address *


For Skype, WebEx, Adobe Connect and other webconferencing sessions, one may submit the One-off booking form and indicate the service being used. Scheduling office will see to your request by allocating a space with Wifi, speakers and a projection screen.

The Videoconference booking form is to be completed to book a Videoconference enabled room only.


Purpose of Conference *

Study-Unit Code:        Day Course:   Evening Course:


Event Name:


To be filled only in cases where the videoconference is held with any location other than Gozo.

Technical Person at the Foreign location

Type of Connection


To add dates & times when the videoconference facilities are required:

1. Click 'Select Date(s)' button. This will display a mini-calendar.
2. Click the date to book. Continue clicking on other dates if you need to add more bookings.
3. Click the mini-calendar Close [X] button to accept the current selection(s).
4. Set the Start and End Time(s) as appropriate.

To remove selected date(s):

1. Click 'Select Date(s)' button.
2. Click the date(s) to deselect.
3. Click the mini-calendar Close [X] button.


Resources to be used:

Kindly note that videoconference rooms/halls are equipped with a workstation to be used by the tutor/presenter. Any material to be projected during sessions is to be prepared on Google Drive or is to be put on a pen drive and transferred to the stationary workstation available.

* Indicates a required field.

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