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UM VLE Maintenance

20 Jul 2016

IT Services will be performing maintenance on the UM VLE on Thursday 21 July 2016, between 0800 and 0900hrs. During this hour, the UM VLE may be unavailable.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will endeavour to complete works as soon as possible.

Classroom Technologies Familiarisation Sessions

19 Jul 2016

The University of Malta is currently renovating the teaching and learning spaces at Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture Centre. The two lecture theatres in this building are being equipped with state-of-the art instructional technologies similar to those installed at the Arts Lecture Theatre (ALT) in 2015.

IT Services is organising short sessions (20 to 30mins) for academics to demonstrate the instructional technologies that are being installed in lecture theatres. All academics who are likely to be scheduled to teach at the ALT or Lecture Theatre 1 & 2 (Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture Centre) are invited to attend one of these sessions at ALT:

Wed 27-Jul-160900-0930Arts Lecture Theatre
Wed 27-Jul-160945-1015Arts Lecture Theatre
Thu 28-Jul-160900-0930Arts Lecture Theatre
Thu 28-Jul-160945-1015Arts Lecture Theatre

Interested academics are kindly asked to register.

More information about the instructional technologies at ALT is available.

Attn. Academic staff: End of Year VLE Updates

18 Jul 2016

​Be​low are updates about the latest developments related to the VLE.

A Single VLE Instance

Starting from next academic year, IT Services will be moving away from the past practice of setting up a new VLE instance for each academic year. Instead, the study-units from each academic year (starting from 2015/16) will be available in a single VLE instance. Therefore, early in September 2016, the study-units for academic year 2016/17 will be added to the existing UM VLE (which currently contains the study-units for academic year 2015/16). The study-units for academic year 2017/18 will then be added the following September, etc. Staff and students will be able to use filters to easily distinguish between study-units of different academic years.

The benefits of having study-units from different academic years in the same VLE include:

  • Staff and students will not need to switch to a different VLE to access material from 2015/16
  • Staff and student VLE profile details, including descriptions and profile images, will be retained from 2015/16 to 2016/17
  • Turnitin activities will also be replicated when copying material from 2015/16 study-units to 2016/17 study-units using the VLE Copy Tool

Please note that the single VLE instance will be implemented for the 2015/16 study-units, 2016/17 study-units etc. Archived VLEs for 2014/15, 2013/14 etc will remain accessible from the Archives & Other VLEs page.

As indicated earlier, the study-units for academic year 2016/17 will be available early in September. IT Services shall send a notification to all academic staff when they are available for use.

Sandbox Areas

The Course Preparation Area (CPA) VLE, which was used for the preparation of study-unit material and for exploring the features of the VLE, shall be closed down on 12 August 2016. Instead, a sandbox area will be available on the same VLE containing the 2015/16 study-units and 2016/17 study-units.

Staff who used this VLE are being contacted by IT Services to assist them in migrating material to new sandbox areas in the UM VLE.

What is happening to 2015/16 study-units?

The 2015/16 study-unit areas will remain accessible to tutors and students for revision purposes etc. In December, these study-unit areas will be set as archived. More information about the archiving policy is available online.

Do tutors need to repopulate their 2016/17 study-units from scratch in September? 

No. Tutors can copy the study-unit material from 2015/16 study-unit (or from other past VLEs) to the 2016/17 study-units using the VLE Copy Tool. This online tool copies all the files, resources and activities that tutors have set up for students, except for any submissions made by students, such as assignments, forum posts etc.

VLE Training & Support

Early in September,  IT Services will be running a workshop for staff who would like to brush up on VLE beginners’ skills, or who would like to improve the design of their study-unit areas in the VLE. More information about the VLE workshops and VLE user guides is available online.

IT Services also offers one-on-one consultations for staff who would like to discuss possible enhancements to their study-units using features of the VLE and other learning technologies.

Academic staff are encouraged to contact IT Services about any VLE and IT-related queries.

IBM SPSS Statistics 24

18 Jul 2016

IBM SPSS Statistics 24 is available from IT Services.

More information about ordering, renewing and upgrading IBM SPSS for staff and students is available.

IT Services Training & Workshops (Jun-Sep 2016)

16 Jun 2016

IT Services is organising the following training courses/workshops. All training sessions are held at IT Services (Campus Map - Location 34).

Only University staff and students may register for training courses/workshops organised by IT Services.

Designing your VLE Areas (Staff Only)Mon 12 Sep0900 - 1130hrs
Using Turnitin (Staff Only)Thu 15 Sep0900 - 1230hrs

Training Courses
IBM SPSS: Introduction A FullMon 27, Tue 28* Jun & Fri 1 Jul1330 - 1530hrs
IBM SPSS: Introduction B FullMon 11, Wed 13 & Fri 15 Jul1330 - 1530hrs
IBM SPSS: Intermediate A FullMon 18, Wed 20 & Fri 22 Jul1330 - 1530hrs
IBM SPSS: Intermediate B FullMon 25, Web 27 & Fri 29 Jul1330 - 1530hrs
IBM SPSS: Advanced
Mon 1, Tue 2* & Wed 3 Aug1330 - 1530hrs

* Session is being held on a Tuesday. 

More information about IBM SPSS courses is available for:

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