Members of staff may purchase Microsoft software at academic prices. Staff may opt for one of the following purchasing options: 

  • Full Package Product (FPP) - These are boxed software packages that include installation media or download instructions, and a product key to activate the software. FPPs are available on order and cost more than OLPs. If you would like to order an FPP or request more information, kindly contact the IT Service Desk

  • Open Licence Program (OLP)

    These are software licences that do not include physical media and manuals. OLPs are managed and installed by IT Services. IT Services keeps a record of every purchased licence in order to be able to reinstall or transfer the software as you may require.

Payment for Microsoft FPPs or OLPs can be made as follows:

  • Personal online payment – Staff can pay online  using any accepted credit/debit card. Academic Work Resource Fund debit cards are also accepted. 

  • Journal transfer payment – Departments are requested to send a completed Journal Request Form to IT Services Reception Desk. 

Microsoft software information and system requirements are available on the Microsoft website.

The Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription enables students and academic staff registered with STEM departments - any course that has a focus on using Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics in their curriculum - to access selected Microsoft software free of charge for the purposes of academic instruction and research. This subscription includes the latest MS development tools, operating systems, and server software. MS Office software is not included.

The Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription replaces the Microsoft Imagine service (formerly known as DreamSpark and Academic Alliance).

To access the Azure Portal for the first time:

  • Sign-in with a Microsoft account (if you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create this
  • Verify the account with your University of Malta email address 
  • Click on the confirmation link that is sent to your University of Malta email address
More information regarding Azure Dev Tools for Teaching terms and installation rights is available.

Note: Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is being made available for non-commercial purposes i.e. for instructional use, research and/or design, development and testing of projects for class assignments/tests or personal projects. The software available through this subscription cannot be used for profit software development.

University students can benefit from Azure credit to be used within the first 12 months, access to many products at no cost and with no credit card required.

More information regarding Azure for Students is available.

Through the GÉANT Framework agreement, departments or groups are eligible for further discounts when using Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Refer to Azure through GÉANT for more information or email the IT Service Desk for assistance.