IT Services



The University has an agreement that covers the use of Microsoft (MS) Office (Windows and Mac) on University-owned computers and for staff appointed by Council and Senate. The agreement also covers the use of MS Office for current students.

Installation instructions are available on the Manage UM IT Account page.

Note: The MS Office licence is valid for the duration of employment or studies at the University of Malta or Junior College. Shortly after leaving, MS Office will automatically switch to reduced functionality allowing only viewing and printing of documents.

The Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription enables students and academic staff registered with STEM departments - any course that has a focus on using Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics in their curriculum - to access selected MS software free of charge for academic instruction and research. This subscription includes the latest MS development tools, operating systems, and server software. MS Office software is not included.

To access the Azure Portal for the first time:

  • Sign-in with your UM account 
  • Select 'Work or school account' 
  • You will be redirected to the UM login page
  • Login with your UM credentials
More information regarding Azure Dev Tools for Teaching terms and installation rights is available.



  • Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is being made available for non-commercial purposes i.e. for instructional use, research and/or design, development and testing of projects for class assignments/tests or personal projects. The software available through this subscription cannot be used for profit software development.
  • The Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription replaces the MS Imagine service (formerly known as DreamSpark and Academic Alliance).

UM students can benefit from the Azure for Students subscription. This subscription includes 100USD of Azure credit and access to several Azure services for free. The subscription does not require the use of a credit card and lasts for 12 months or until the free credit is all used. At the end of the 12 month period, UM students can renew the subscription at no cost by students.

More information regarding Azure for Students is available.

UM departments, academics, and researchers are eligible for discounted MS Azure cloud services through the OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) framework.

More information is available.

Additional MS software is available for purchase by staff. Please contact us and let us know what you need so we may guide you accordingly.

Payment can be made as follows:

  • Personal online payment – A payment link will be sent to your UM email address. Staff can pay using any accepted credit/debit card. Academic Work Resource Fund debit cards are also accepted.
  • Journal transfer payment – Departments are requested to send a completed Journal Request Form to IT Services Reception Desk.
  1. When buying a new Windows-based computer for work-related purposes, which version of Windows should I choose?
    Windows-based computers should be purchased with Windows 10 Pro since this operating system supports encryption.

  2. Can I use my UM account to subscribe to the Office 365 online suite of applications?
    No. UM supports Google Workspace online apps for collaboration, and Zoom or Google Meet to organise meetings.

  3. Can I join a meeting that is being held on Microsoft Teams?
    Yes. When someone invites you to a meeting held on MS Teams, they should provide you with a join link and you will be able to join the meeting without a Teams account.

  4. Can I collaborate with people outside the UM who are using Microsoft Teams?
    Yes. The organiser can invite you to join their Microsoft Teams platform. More information about guest access is available.

  5. Can I use MS Teams to host meetings?
    No. MS Teams is not an alternative to the supported meeting platforms. Staff and students should use Zoom and Google Meet for remote lectures and meetings. Guides on how to schedule and host meetings within the University of Malta using Zoom and Google Meet can be found on the User guides web page.

  6. Can I continue using MS Office obtained from UM after I leave the University/Junior College?
    No. Shortly after leaving, MS Office will automatically switch to reduced functionality. In this mode, you are only allowed to view and print documents.

  7. I already have MS Office on my computer. Which version of MS Office is available through the University agreement?
    The current version of MS Office for desktop is Office Professional Plus 2021.

  8. What are the system requirements for MS Office?
    System requirements for all MS Office versions are available on the Microsoft webpage.

  9. What applications are included in the desktop version of MS Office?
    Microsoft Office comprises of the following desktop applications:


    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • MS PowerPoint
    • MS Outlook*
    • MS Publisher
    • MS Access


    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • MS PowerPoint

* IT Services is not supporting MS Outlook. UM uses Gmail and Google Calendar for email and calendar functionality.