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  • OpenVPN must be installed and connected in order to access the licence server.
  • While using ArcGIS software, any unsaved changes will be lost if the connection to the licence server is interrupted.
  • By using the ArcGIS Licence Manager settings indicated in the instructions below, you agree with the ArcGIS  academic licence terms & conditions.
  • For assistance, please contact our IT Services Helpdesk.

Installing ArcGIS 10.2

Follow these instructions to download and install ArcGIS on your computer.

  1. Ensure OpenVPN is connected.
  2. Confirm that you agree with the ArcGIS academic licence terms & conditions before accessing the download from IT Services:

  3. Run the downloaded setup file to begin the ArcGIS 10.2 installation.
  4. Note: During the installation, the wizard will display ‘Time Remaining: 0 seconds’ for some minutes. During this time, ArcGIS setup will still be performing installation operations in the background - please do not close any windows. The installation will be complete when the black command-line window and the installation wizard window close automatically.
  5. When the installation is completed, run the ArcGIS Administrator program.

Windows 8 and later versions:

i.     Open the Start Menu.
ii.    Type ArcGIS Administrator. The program will be shortlisted. Click on it.

Windows 7 and earlier versions:

i.     Open the Start Menu and click All Programs.
ii.    Click on the program group called ArcGIS.
iii.   Click on ArcGIS Administrator.
  1. Under ArcGIS Desktop select Advanced (ArcINFO) Concurrent Use.
  2. Under Licence Manager select Define a Licence Manager now: and type in the field provided.
  3. Click the OK button to proceed to the final step.
  4. Click the OK button to finish the configuration.
Last Updated: 4 October 2016

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