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The University Gmail mailbox automatically moves spam out of the inbox, applies the Spam label and deletes it after 30 days. The Gmail spam filter cannot be disabled.

Students can see all spam messages by selecting the Spam label on the left pane of their University Gmail mailbox. Students are advised to check their spam folder regularly (at least once a month) to check that incorrectly labelled messages are not lost. Google will automatically learn what students regard as spam.

If a spam message arrives in the inbox, students should select the message, then click the Report spam (!) button.

If a legitimate message is incorrectly labelled as spam, students should select the message and click the Not spam button.

If some senders' messages are consistently being mislabelled as spam, students can prevent this by adding these senders' email addresses to their Contacts list. Gmail will deliver messages from members of students' Contacts list to their inbox, unless it knows with high confidence that the messages are spam.

Last Updated: 4 September 2013

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