Change in email address

Staff can opt to change their UM email address when there are changes in their name or surname in the Public Registry.

Before communicating with IT Services, you are required to inform the Office for Human Resources Management & Development in order to have your University records updated in the HR database. Once the records are updated successfully, you can send a request for a change in email address using the Self-Service Portal, indicating your new name or surname. You will be notified once the email address has been updated.

You should ensure that you have read the underlying policy for changing University of Malta staff email addresses:

During the first three months after the change in email address, emails sent to the old email address will be delivered automatically to the new mailbox. At the same time, a notification email is returned back to the sender with a message indicating that the staff member has a new email address and that advises the sender to start using the new email address instead. 

After the first three months have passed, emails sent to the old email address will no longer be delivered to the new mailbox. However, the notification emails about the change in email address will continue to be returned back to the sender, advising the sender that they should send emails to the new email address.

After the first twelve months have passed, the old email address will be completely removed from the system, and the notification email informing senders about the change in email address will no longer be sent. Instead, senders will receive a bounce message informing them that the email address does not exist. The old email address will be kept on hold and is guaranteed not to be allocated to another staff member with the same name, until five years have passed since the staff member’s email address was changed.

After the email address is changed, the username and password used to sign in to the UM IT Account will remain the same as before. Only the email address will change.

Following the change of email address, Google Workspace removes all chats and contacts from Google Hangouts. Additionally, Google Hangouts may not be available for up to three days.