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Get a departmental or other account

Get a departmental or other account

Staff can apply for a Departmental or Special Purpose UM IT Account  in order to get a University email address for their Department (i.e. FICS, Committees etc.) or for other University-related purposes (such as for events or projects).

Before filling in the online form, refer to the UM Email Address Policy for the correct email format.

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Departmental and Special Purpose accounts are not accessed via the standard username and password that is provided for Staff accounts. Instead, these accounts are delegated to the staff members indicated in the form that is completed when applying for such accounts. These staff will then be able to access their Departmental or Special Purpose account using their Staff account username and password. Instructions on how to access Departmental and Special Purpose UM IT Accounts  are available. If additional staff require access to the account, or if the contact person has changed, contact us.

In addition, you can set up forwarding from the Departmental or Special Purpose Gmail mailbox so that all emails sent to the Departmental or Special Purpose email address are automatically forwarded to other email addresses. Note that forwarding can only be set up for up to 20 different email addresses. If you need to forward to more email addresses (e.g. a Special Purpose email address used as a staff mailing list), IT Services can set up a Google Group for this purpose.