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New Features (Sep 2017)
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Lecture Capture Pilot

The upgraded VLE for academic year 2017/18 is based on Moodle 3.1.6. This upgrade includes bug fixes and enhancements that will improve the VLE user experience.

New features and enhancements include: 

ReCap (Panopto) Block

Academics who make use of the ReCap lecture capture service can make the recordings available to students through the ReCap (Panopto) block in the respective study-unit area. 

Increased File Upload Limit

The file upload limit has been increased to 50MB. Tutors may now upload files up to 50MB.

Students will now also be able to submit assignment files up to 50MB via the VLE Assignment activity. However, submissions to Turnitin cannot exceed 40MB as this is the maximum allowed filesize for file uploads to Turnitin.

Note that it is recommended that tutors upload small files, since large files will take longer to upload and can be frustrating for students to view them (particularly on mobile devices). Refer to our suggestions for reducing file sizes and alternative upload methods.

Notification in Hidden Study-unit Areas

By default, study-unit areas are not immediately visible to students, in order to provide tutors with a private space to develop their areas. However, tutors might not realise that an area is hidden from students, and hence forget to make it visible to them. For this reason, a notification message will now be displayed at the bottom of a hidden study-unit area's screen indicating that the area is not visible to students.


Last Updated: 6 September 2017

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