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VLE Upgrade

UM VLE 2013/14 is based on an upgraded version of Moodle 2. Compared to the VLEs of the previous academic years (based on Moodle 1.9), the upgraded VLE will provide improved functionality and flexibility. The basic structure and activities in Moodle 2 are similar to those in Moodle 1.9.

New features in the upgraded VLE include:

  • New ‘file picker’ - simplified process of adding files and folders.
  • Drag and Drop - move content and sections in the study-unit area by simply dragging the resource and dropping it into its new location.
  • Conditional release of resources and activities – determine when a resource or activity will be available to students and/or under what conditions i.e. if the student achieves a certain grade in a quiz, or on a certain day.
  • Duplicate activities and resources - a new ‘duplicate’ button.
  • Quiz enhancements – includes a navigation panel that allows students to navigate to any question in the quiz, question flags which allows students to flag a question to be answered later and a more robust quiz engine.

Compared to previous VLEs, the new VLE works well on a wider variety of browsers and mobile devices.

In addition to the improved features, the new upgraded VLE features an enhanced interface. The new VLE features new and larger icons, and an enhanced design of the central block (where the study-unit learning resources and activities reside) and the side blocks. The aesthetics of the new VLE interface is not radically different from the existing one so as not to confuse users.

Further information regarding the new VLE 2013/14 is documented in the Changes, New Features and Enhancements.

Other related information is available on the VLE Upgrade Project pages.


New VLE Screencast

Last Updated: 7 August 2017

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