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A Single VLE

As of this year, all the study-unit areas of different academic years (starting from 2015/16) will be available within the same VLE. Thus, upon accessing the UM VLE, staff and students should expect to find the following:

  • study-unit areas that they were registered to during 2015/16
  • study-unit areas that they are being registered to during 2016/17
  • eventually study-unit areas that they will be registered to during 2017/18, 2018/19, etc
  • PG dissertation areas (available to dissertation students, supervisors and examiners only), and
  • sandbox areas (available to academic staff only)

As a result of this setup, Turnitin assignment activities will now also be copied whenever tutors use the VLE Copy Tool to copy material from 2015/16 study-unit areas to 2016/17 study-unit areas. After the copy process is complete, tutors will need to update Turnitin assignment activities' start dates and due dates. 


Changes & New Features 

The VLE has been upgraded to Moodle 3.1. While the resources and activities are similar to past versions of the VLE, the upgrade brings about new and improved features.

Detailed information is available in the Changes & New Features in VLE (Sep 2016) [PDF] user guide. Some of these changes and new features include:

My VLE Areas Block Located in the VLE Dashboard (formerly known as My Home), this block displays the VLE areas you are registered to, and includes a dropdown menu which filters areas based on their category.
Search Located at the top of the VLE Dashboard, the Search field helps you to locate study material in your VLE areas.
Section Organisation A section can now be renamed directly within VLE areas, and can be deleted completely along with any resources / activities it contained.
Recycle Bin Resources and activities deleted from a VLE area will be kept in the recycle bin for fifteen (15) days, allowing time to restore anything that may have been deleted in error.
Collapsed Topics Format The Collapsed Topics course format allows users to open or close a topic, thus reducing clutter in VLE areas that have a large number of topics or content.
Forum Among the new features, important discussions can now be pinned to the top of a thread list, and messages can be posted immediately to each group if Groups mode is being used.
Assignment Assignments can now be graded more efficiently from a single screen. Furthermore, tutors can now select which assignments to download for offline viewing.
Quiz The quiz activity includes four new question types, and allows shuffling of questions within a specific section.


Last Updated: 5 September 2017

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