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Permission to access, amend and interact in study-unit / class areas within the UM VLE / JC VLE is determined by a system of roles. Academic staff and students who are registered to study-units / classes on SIMS (Student Information Management System) / SIMS JC are automatically granted the following roles on the respective study-unit / class areas:

  • Tutor
    This role is automatically assigned to academic staff registered as tutors to their study-units / classes on SIMS / SIMS JC. It allows academics to access their study-unit / class areas, even when these are not yet available to students. Tutors can add, edit and remove teaching material / resources such as course notes, reading lists, online articles, audio and video-clips etc. Tutors can create and access online activities such as discussion boards, wikis and assignment submissions. Tutors have access to students' participation records on study-unit / class areas.

  • Student
    This role is automatically assigned to students registered to their study-units / classes on SIMS / SIMS JC. Students are able to access teaching material and resources residing in study-unit / class areas that have been made available by the tutor/s. Students are able to participate in online activities such as discussion boards and wikis and they are able to submit assignments.

Occasionally some tutors or coordinators may request IT Services to provide VLE access to other staff or students. Such requests are dealt with on a case-by-case basis; however, the following roles may be granted:

  • Guest Tutor
    This role is identical to the Tutor role (described above) except that it does not include the specific study-unit / class area in the VLE Copy Tool

  • Content Developer
    This role enables users to upload and manage course material and resources. Despite being capable of setting up forum activities, Content Developers do not have access to any posts submitted by students. However, Content Developers are able to view submitted students' assignments within the Assignment activity.

  • Guest Student
    This role is identical to the Student role (described above). A student who is not registered on SIMS / SIMS JC to follow a specific study-unit / class may be granted guest access on the VLE study-unit / class area. Guest Student access is granted following a request from the tutor responsible for the study-unit / class area.


You may use the online request form for the provision of VLE access (Guest Tutor, Content Developer or Guest Student) to other staff and students who cannot be registered on SIMS / SIMS JC.

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Last Updated: 17 April 2020

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