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Academic Resident Staff


 Dr. Marie Avellino

Ms Marie Avellino

B.A. (Hons) (Melit), M.B.A. (Strategy) (MsM), Ph.D. (Lond. Met) 


Lecturer, Chair Research Ethics Committee ITTC

Research Interests: Anthropology, Tourism, Heritage Interpretation, Cultural Commoditisation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Social and Cultural Capital.

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Prof. Andrew JonesProf. Andrew Jones

BA (Hon), MPhil (Econ), Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Research Interests:  Planning and management within business, Tourism, Leisure and hospitality at international, regional and local levels.

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Prof. Carmel Cassar


B.A., M.Phil.(Cantab.), Ph.D.(Cantab.), F.R.Hist.S.(Lond.), F.C.C.S., M.R.A.I.


Professor of Cultural History 

Research Interests:  Cultural History and Historical Anthropology of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Witchcraft, Gender, Ethnic Identity, Social Structures, Food and Cultural Values in the Mediterranean, Italy and Malta.

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Prof. George Cassar

Dr. George Cassar

B.A. (Educ.), M.Ed., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Culture and Heritage, History and Sociology of Maltese Society, Pedagogy of Heritage for both the young and adult learners.

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Dr. John Ebejer

Mr John Ebejer

B.E.&A.(Hons), M.A. (Planning), A.& C.E., Ph.D. (Westminster)


Research Interests: Urban regeneration, urban tourism, tourism experience, spatial planning.

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Dr. Nadia Theuma

Dr Nadia Theuma

B.A.(Hons), M.Phil., Ph.D.(Strath.)

Senior Lecturer 

Research Interests: Cultural Heritage, Community Development, Maltese Food and Cultural Products.

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Dr. Noel Buttigiegnoel

MA Ph.D (Melit.)


Research Interests: Food Heritage and Culture of Mediterranean Food.

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Dr. Silvio Debono


DBA (Maastricht), MA(HRD), BA, Dip.(Jour.) AMIPD, MIM 

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership Development, Business Strategy, Project Planning.

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Dr. Paulino Schembrilino2015

MSc., D Prof PG Dip

Visiting Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:  Food Safety Management, Local and Mediterranean Food Culture, Food fraud and food laundry.

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Dr. Glen Farrugia

B.A. (Hons)(Melit.),M.I.F.A.,K.H.S.

Research Support Officer (Valletta 2018 Secretariat)

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Carla Schembri

B.A. (Hons) Tourism Studies 

Administrator II

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Francesca Fenech

B.A. (Hons) Tourism Studies 

Administrator II

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Dr. Dane Munro

Lecturer on:

TRS 1151, Tourism, Travel and Destination.

TTC 5008 Religious Heritage and Niche Tourism 

TTC 5012 Development of Cultural Identities 



Dr. Glen Farrugia

Lecturer on:  

TRS 3251 Museology

TTC 1402 Food Culture  

 B.A(Hons.) (Melit.), Ph.D.(Leis), M.I.F.A, K.H.S 


Dr. Vanessa Borg

Lecturer on:

TRS 3351 Managing Tourism Organisations 



Dr. Charles Xuereb

Lecturer on: 

 TRS 1091 Critical Thinking and Communication 

TTC 1401 Communication, Writing and Reseach Skills 

M.Sc in Media Management, Ph.D(University of Malta) 



Mr Simon Caruana

Lecturer on: 

TTC 2102 E-Tourism 

 TTC 3102 Web 2.0 and its Application in Tourism, Culture and Heritage 

B.Ed.(Hons)(Melit.), M.A.(Sheff.), L.I.M.I.S 


Mr James Sultana

Lecturer on: 

TTC 1107 Introduction to Mediterranean History and Culture 

TTC 1108 Maltese Cultural Identity  

 B.A.(Melit.), P.G.C.E.(Melit.), M.MHS(Melit.), M.B.A.(Educational Mangement)(Leics.), ATCL (Speech & Drama), F.Coll.T.(Lond.)


Mr. Malcolm Bray

Lecturer on: 

 TRS 1181 Basic Economics in Tourism 

TRS 3311 Socio- Economic Issues in Tourism  

B.Com.(Hons)(Econ.), M.Sc.(Econ.)(York)


Mr. Thomas Dimech

Lecturer on: 

TTC 1106 Introduction to Tourism Marketing  

 MBA. Marketing(Leic), Dipl..Mgt(Mlt), Dipl.Tourism(Mlt), GTC in VTC,QTS



Mr. Adrian Sciberras

Lecturer on: 

ACC 2951 Finance and Business Accounting 1 

ACC 3921 Finance and Business Accounting 2  

 MBA, BA(Hons)Accty, FIA, CPA


Mr Julian Zarb 


 FIH  FTS Dip. Adult Training (Melit.), M.B.A. (Exec.) (Melit.), M.A (I.S.S.S.) (Melit.)MPhil (Melit.) 


Mr Godwin Grech 

Lecturer on: 

TRS 2281 Travel and Transportation Management  

B.A. (Hons) Tourism Studies and M.B.A. 


Dr Theresa Vella  

Lecturer  on

TTC 2106 Arts, Culture and Events 

TTC 5009 Exhibiting Cultures: The Arts& The Media  

 PhD (Bris) 



Ms Theresa Hoban 

Lecturer on:

TRS 3291 Branding and Tourism 

B.A. (Hons) Business & Finance (Tourism)(DeMontford University), M.A. (Tourism Business Administration) (Birmingham University) 


Karsten Xuereb 


Lecturer on: 

TTC 2106 Arts, Culture and Events 

TTC 5005 Cities of Culture  

TTC 5002 Cultural Legislation and Policy  

PhD in Cultural Relations (Tarragona, Spain) MA in European Cultural Policy&Management (Warwick, UK)  





A list of All Board Members can Be found here 

A detailed list of Who’s Who at the Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture can be found Here. 



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