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Past Dissertations and Long Essays (B.A. (Hons.) Tourism Studies and M.A. in Tourism)

For a list of past dissertation titles please click here

Long Essay Guidelines

To download a copy of the Long Essay guidelines please click here  .

Authenticity Form 

It is important to submit your Authenticity Form with your dissertation. The Authenticity Form must be signed, scanned and inserted in the introductory pages of the electronic and hard copy of the dissertation. 

Please click here to download the Undergraduate Authenticity Form for Long Essay

Please click here to download the Postgraduate Authenticity Form for Dissertation

Please click here to download the Doctoral Authenticity Form for Thesis

Research Ethics Form

In cases when research involves vulnerable people and asking questions which some people may consider sensitive, a Research Ethics Form has to be filled in by the student. Please Follow this link, for the Research Ethics Form, and the Self Assessment Form. 

Digitalisation of Long Essays/ Dissertations

Scope: There are three main reasons why it has become absolutely necessary to digitalise  dissertations as well as other academic papers such as reports and theses. The first reason is down to earth practical. We are running out of space. The department and the university library are obliged to retain a copy of your dissertation. With thousands of students graduating every year, keeping a hard copy of all dissertations is becoming a practical impossibility.

Secondly, the use of a digitalized format is particularly important in producing the Table of Contents and the Table of Figures by making your Headings work (e.g. Heading 1 is used for chapter title, Heading 2 for sub-chapters title, and Heading 3 for sub-sections). Properly done, this will allow easy navigation in the dissertation by clicking on the appropriate heading in the TOC or the TOF that takes you straight to the required page. Also, properly done, reader will be able to hyper-link with outside sources such as referenced web sites.

Thirdly, and more importantly, the ultimate judgment of how good or bad your dissertation is will be the future citation by others of your work, i.e. the number of times your work is quoted. The more cited your work is by future researchers, the more value your original work attains. Only via digitalization will researchers as far afield as Australia and the USA discover and build on your work.

Method: It is important that from the very first script of your dissertation, you utilise the format that will eventually make digitalization possible. This will avoid hassle at a later stage when the pressure builds up. Do use the normally accepted software such as Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007 or indeed Vista, however make use of the recommended digitalization norms from the start. For example, the digitalization format dictates that headings and texts should be Left Aligned and not Justified. That way, when your final Word document is complete, the digitalization process, i.e., the conversion from Microsoft Word Document (.doc) to a Portable Document Format (.pdf) by staff at IT Services Computer Labs will go smoothly. Having said that, responsibility of the content of the dissertation will fall solely on the student. Lecturers, secretaries and library staff cannot and may not change any part of the dissertation. If any mistake is detected, the dissertation CD-ROM shall return back to the student and only the student may amend the document with serious loss of time and effort.

Also, the same format is to be applied both to the digital and hard copy versions of your dissertations, failing which you will end up with different paginations in both versions.

Learning Process: Familiarise yourself with the digitalization process as early as possible in your dissertation journey. There is help available for you. More information can be found in the University's Library website - Click here.

All the information that you need is in there. However, should you require further guidance, a special help desk has been created at the library that can be reached either by phoning 2340 2315 / 2340 2017 or via email. The officers in charge are Ms. Raelene Galea, Mr. Ryan Scicluna and Ms. Maria Camilleri .



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