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Tourism Management of Historic Urban Areas Debated in ITTC event – 3rd March 2016

Managing urban areas is a complex activity which is made more difficult if the urban area is historic and has tourism potential.  This was the main conclusion of a public lecture and debate organised by the Institute of Tourism, Travel and Culture.   The lecture was delivered by Dr. Simon Curtis from the University of Westminster. He spoke about the tourism management of Rochester/ Chatham. The area was subject to decline because of the closure of the docks.  It needed a concerted effort and substantial investment mostly in tourism infrastructure over two decades to turn the situation around.  Dr. Curtis also spoke about destination management organisations and how different mechanisms in England are required to address national, regional, and local tourism requirements. 

The lecture was followed by a debate with the participation of Perit Kevin Fsadni (Manager Product Development at Malta Tourism Authority),  Dr. Charlene Zammit (Mayor, Mqabba) and Perit Wendy Mifsud (Architect at Rehabilitation Projects Office).   The panel agreed that managing tourism areas is difficult because of the many stakeholders involved. There is stiff competition for limited funds.  On the other hand, the availability of European Regional Development Funds has made it possible to improve tourism management at various key tourism locations through projects and initiatives.   

Compared to two decades ago, the visitor to Malta has much wider choice of places to visit.  This is due to various regeneration projects in historic areas and the upgrading of several visitor attractions.  There is still more to be done but now that the most essential deficiencies have been addressed, it is time to invest also in historic villages which are off the beaten track.  The panel also noted that the tourist experience is not just about ‘seeing the sights’ but also about experiencing local lifestyles. 

The activity was introduced by Prof. Andrew Jones, ITTC Director, who spoke about the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the Institute.  The proceedings were chaired by Dr. John Ebejer. 




”Regenerating Maltese and Sicilian waterfronts: Perspectives from two Mediterranean islands” - Waterfront Project

In the framework of the publicity and dissemination activities of the Waterfront Project, funded by the Italia-Malta 2007-2013 Operational Programme, the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture has organized the international seminar “Regenerating Maltese and Sicilian waterfronts: Perspectives from two Mediterranean islands”.
The event has been hosted at Villa Bighi, Kalkara, on 25th July 2013.

Historically, Maltese and Sicilian urban waterfronts have been centres of major economic and political activity. However, as economic activity shifted from waterfronts to urban centres, waterfronts became less active and were transformed into backwater areas.
In the past two decades, urban waterfronts have undergone extensive physical, economic as well as social regeneration initiatives, making them once more centres of activity.
During the seminar, Project Partners presented the main activities and results of the Project and scholars from Malta and Italy discussed the evolution, growth and good practice examples of Maltese and Sicilian waterfronts and their utilisation, amongst others, as centres for tourism purposes.
The seminar has also addressed some of the challenges being faced by these two islands, in their attempt to achieve successful regeneration.
The proceedings of the conference will be published soon by the University of Malta.

Funded by the EU’s Operational Programme Italy-Malta, the Waterfront Project aims to define guidelines, strategies and operational tools for the management of common coasts, based on a cross-border exchange of experiences between Malta and Sicily.
The exchange of experiences and the dissemination of good practices among the partners involved (the Province of Trapani, the Province of Palermo, the City of Palermo, the University of Palermo and the University of Malta) will aim to improve techniques of territorial planning and evaluation at national, regional and local levels

For further information about the Project please enquire to:
Davide Corazzini, Assistant Project Manager / +356 2340 3474

Junior College Students Learn about the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture - March 2013

Dr George Cassar addressed Junior College students during an information session with the objective of introducing the ITTC to those who may wish to join the Institute in the near future. The attendance was satisfactory and the audience demonstrated that is was interested in what was being presented. During this session the students learnt about the B.A. in Tourism which the ITTC currently offers, but also about other courses which they may take up in future years. It was explained to them that the present B.A. is a multidisciplinary course which opens numerous possibilities in the world of work. To support this claim the audience was shown how a selection of past students are now working in the various areas of culture, tourism, hospitality and related sectors. The questions and queries raised at the end of the session were addressed to the satisfaction of those present. Such information sessions are quite useful to clarify any misconceptions that people may have. Also these are good advertising tools for the ITTC to increase recruitment of Maltese students from the feeder institutions.


Danish Students Visit the University of Malta and the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture - September 2011

A group of 25 students from the town of Fjerritslev in Denmark visited the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture on 23rd September, 2011. They were accompanied by two teachers, Anne Charlotte and Martin. They were meton campus by Mr Alfred Quintano, lecturer at I.T.T.C., who gave them a talk on tourism impacts especially in the context of small nation states such as Malta and Denmark. They were later shown around campus and inparticular a tour of the library by senior librarian Mr Silvio Cortis.



The Danish students with Mr Quintano on the steps in front of the Library

Tourism Students Visit ITB Berlin -  2011

A group of 14, 4th year B.A(Hons.) Tourism Studies students recently visited Berlin to visit the world’s biggest travel and tourism exhibition and to take part in the ITB Tourism Congress which is the biggest of its kind. Spread over three days and 150 conference sessions that cover the main current and future issues in the travel and tourism arena, the ITB Tourism Congress gave the students the opportunity to listen to leading academics and practitioners alike from all over the world. This year, ITB attracted 11,163 exhibitors and 170,000 visitors. On their return from Berlin, the students were invited to the Embassy of Germany in Malta where they discussed their ITB experience with Ambassador H.E. Bernd Braun. The students were accompanied in Berlin and at the German embassy by their final year lecturer Mr Alfred Quintano.



       Year 4 B.A (Hons.) Tourism Studies students and their lecturer Mr Quintano meet Ambassador H.E Bern Braun after their visit in Berlin.

Seminar - 6 April

The Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture formally launched the Institute and introduced it to stakeholders. A seminar was held at the Aula Magna, Valletta Campus on 6th April 2011 at 1430hrs. Programme was as follows:

1430 hrs   Registration; Refreshments
1500 hrs  Introduction by Dr Nadia Theuma, Director, ITTC
1505 hrs   Prof Juanito Camilleri, Rector, University of Malta
1515 hrs   The Hon Dr Mario de Marco, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism and the Environment
1525 hrs   Presentation by the Hon Dr de Marco of the Prize for Best Tourism Studies Student (2010) and presentation by Mr Francis Camilleri of the SKAL International Malta University Award for Best Tourism Studies Dissertation submitted in May 2010
1545 hrs  Overview of the programmes offered and research being carried out by ITTC, by Dr Nadia Theuma
1600 hrs  “What do stakeholders expect from ITTC?” Open discussion with the Stakeholders.
1630 hrs  Concluding Remarks and Way Forward

Visit by Prof John Marino

The Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture hosted Prof John Marino, until recently Head of the Department of History, University of California, San Diego.  Prof Marino specializes in Early Modern European History, Renaissance and Reformation Europe, the early modern Mediterranean world, Spanish Italy, the city and kingdom of Naples, and the Italian South.  He is the author of several books and numerous articles, such as Early Modern History and the Social Sciences: Testing the Limits of Braudel’s Mediterranean (2002), and (with Thomas Kuehn) A Renaissance of Conflicts: Visions and Revisions of Law and Society in Italy and Spain (2004).  Prof Marino’s current research is on Civic Culture in Baroque Naples, and Southern Italian History from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment.

Prof Marino gave the following lectures:

Monday, 7th March,
17.00 – 19.30, in LC 216: (part of TRS 1305: Food Culture, Diploma in Gastronomy:
“The Rule of the Game: Playing Court in Baroque Naples”
(The culture of court society, the role of games, and the relationship between games and storytelling)

Tuesday, 8th March
15.00-17.00, in LC 116: (part of TRS 2211: Heritage, Management & Interpretation, B.A.(Hons) Tourism Studies):
“Love, Fame, and Revolt in Spanish Naples”
A discussion on Prof Marino’s current research project on a 17th-century manuscript, to examine how historians work.  The manuscript, “La verità svelata a principi ovvero successi tragici et amorosi occorsi in Napoli o altrove à Napoletani”, provides a starting point to look at social class, marriage and sexual mores around the time of the 17th-century revolts in the Spanish Empire.


Wednesday, 9th March
18.00-20.00, in LT1: Public lecture
“The Mediterranean and the Renaissance Invention of Europe”

The three lectures were open to all interested students, and were of particular interest to those reading Tourism Studies, History, Italian, Anthropology, Baroque Studies, Art, Contemporary Mediterranean Studies and European Studies.

Visit by Dr Jean Marc Mignon

The Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture hosted a visiting lecture from Garches, France. Dr Jean Marc Mignon, who is the Vice-President of the OITS (Organisation International du Tourisme Sociale) gave three lectures to the Masters in Tourism students on Monday 10th, Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th January 2011. He spoke on the sustainable dimension of tourism, social policies in tourism and the OITS call for social policies in Tourism.

Seminars - Skola Politika Fortunato Mizzi, Gozo

Dr Nadia Theuma, Director of ITTC was invited by Mr Saviour Felice Pace, Principal of the Fortunato Mizzi, Gozo Political School to chair three seminars taking place between January and March 2011 on 'Politics and Tourism'. The first lecture taking place on Saturday 8th January will be presented by the Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Dr Mario Demarco. The theme of this seminar is 'Tourism in the Context of the Maltese Economy'. The second lecture, held on the 5th of February will be conducted by Dr. Joe Muscat who will be talking on the "Value of Gozo as a Tourist Destination". The third session taking place on the 5th of March and which will be conducted by Dr Nadia Theuma will consist of a forum of discussion between persons involved both in the sectors of tourism and that of politics. Dr Nadia Theuma will chair this forum. These sessions will be held at the Tigrija Palazz Complex in Victoria, Gozo between 9am and 12:15pm.

Industry Placements

During the academic year of 2009-2010, the Institute introduced the study unit of Industry Placement for our undergraduate students. The main objective of these placements is to orient the students to the world of work related to tourism. It will also help in equipping them with useful life skills and enrich their CVs through participation in projects. These placements are now part of the Year 1 and Year 2 syllabus curriculum. Masters in Tourism students are also requested to undergo a practical session with industry stakeholders.

On Friday 7th January 2011 at 3pm, a meeting was organised by the MHRA, at the InterContinental Hotel, St Julians, to bring to the attention of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs the programmes that are being planned in 2011 by our Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Employment & Training Corporation and The Institute of Tourism Studies. The aim of these programmes is to create the necessary awareness of careers in the hospitality sector and encourage young people to take up a career in the sector.

The meeting organised by MHRA was addressed by Dr Nadia Theuma representing our Institute, Ms Nicola Abela on behalf of the ETC, Mr Andre Arciola from the MTA and Mr Adrian Mamo from ITS. Each of the speakers talked about the services they offered in regards to the Industry Placements. Most of the services offered targets students and youths. A discussion was later on initiated regarding these placements especially between the organisations, the representatives of the hotels and restaurants and the Labour Office official who was also invited.


The Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture congratulates its first graduates since the launch of the Institute. The ceremony was held on the 1st of December 2010 at 4:30 pm, in Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University campus. 19 students graduated as B.A (Hons.) Tourism Studies students. These are: Tiffany Abdilla, Monique Abela,Ruth Briffa, Camille Brincat, Michael Cassar, Laura Desira, Stephen Facciol, Giancarlo Farrugia, Maria Gauci, Christabel Grima, Roberta Micallef, Marina Minkova, Amy Pace, Luke Sammut, Lara Tabone, Karine Tanti, Leanne Vella, Tamsin Xuereb and Rodianne Zarb. Two students graduated as B.A Tourism Studies students. These are Daniela Camilleri and Viktoria Delisova.

Visiting Lecturers

Prof Wil Munsters

Prof Wil Munsters is director of the Centre for Cultural Tourism Research and professor of Cultural Tourism at Zuyd University (The Netherlands). He has a strong academic background, including a PhD from the University of Nijmegen focusing on French literature and comparative aesthetics. For the last twenty years his major research interest has been in Cultural Tourism. He has contributed to several national and international conferences on tourism and as a member of ATLAS he has been engaged in the International Cultural Tourism Research Project since 1994.

On Tuesday, 18th May 2010 Prof Munsters was one of the two principal speakers at a public seminar/debate held at the Aula Magna, Old University Building, Valletta on the Candidature of Malta & Maastricht for European Capital of Culture 2018. 

Prof Wil Munsters also lectured at the University of Malta on

Cultural Tourism: concepts, aspects and prospects, a workshop on The strategic development of built heritage tourism and on Cultural Tourism product development for destinations: from theory and practice. 


Prof Carole Counihan

Prof Carole Counihan is Professor of Anthropology at the Millersville University, Pennsylvania, USA and also Visiting Professor of Food Anthropology at the Universita' degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomich, Colorno (Parma) and Pollenzo (Cuneo) Italy. Professor Counihan's research and teaching interests centre on food, culture and gender; world hunger; Latinas/os in the Southwestern United States, and Italy.

On Monday 24th and Thursday 27th May , she lectured to Diploma in Gastronomy Students  on The culinary implications of globalisation

On Wednesday 26th May, Professor Counihan gave a public lecture at the Aula Magna, Valletta Campus entitled Tasting Tensions: Gastronomy and Activism in Italian Slow Food Chapters


Tourism Students Visit ITB Berlin

Between the 10th and the 14th of March 2010, 179,351 visitors from all over the world representing 11,098 travel and tourism companies and 187 country representatives, descended upon Berlin for the annual ITB Travel and Tourism Fair. Amongst those visitors were 16 final year students from the Department of Tourism Studies of the University of Malta under the guidance of lecturer Mr Alfred Quintano.

In pre-visit briefings, Mr Quintano, who has been a regular visitor to ITB for the past 25 years, warned the students that ITB is big. Notwithstanding, on arrival at the Berlin Messe grounds early on 10th March, the students were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Fair. 25 halls, with each hall having two or three floors, in which destinations and travel and tourism companies from all over the world compete for attention via lavish stands.

But ITB is more than just a ‘Fair’. During its first three days, and still on the Fair grounds, anyone can attend any of the 50 or so conferences, seminars and workshops per day. Subjects range from the latest Travel and Tourism Trends to Destination Branding to Social Media and Tourism plus different thematics falling under the ‘Hospitality  Day’ or the ‘Aviation Day’ or the ‘Meetings Market’ and, last but certainly not least, ‘Sustainable Tourism’. The students were at a loss as to which seminars to attend wishing to be in two or three different conference halls at the same time. Ultimately, the choice always fell on those seminar topics that hit the students’ interest in the light of their current dissertation research.

Evenings were equally busy since the students were invited to attend distinguished social occasions hosted by the Malta Tourism Authority and Air Malta and, particularly, by H.E. the Ambassador of Malta in Germany, Dr John Paul Grech at his private residence in the presence of the Hon. Minister Mario de Marco, Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism. Both distinguished gentlemen spent time with the students discussing their areas of interest and imparting valuable advice on the eve of their embarking on careers in travel and tourism.



The Students of the Tourism Department and Mr Quintano with the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, at a party hosted by Malta's ambassador for Germany, Mr John Paul Gauci.



The Department of Tourism students visit the ITB Fair in Berlin.

Semester 1 Timetable - October 2018 - January 2019
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