Partner institutions

The Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture, in partnership with the Malta Tourism Authority is offering the following free online courses to interested applicants:

  • TTC1101 (Introduction to Tourism)
  • TTC1102 (Managerial Leadership for Tourism and Culture Organisations)
  • TTC1103 (The Business Environment of Tourism and Culture)
  • TTC1401 (Communication, Writing and Research Skills)
  • TTC1407 (Sociology and Anthropology of Food)
  • TTC1500 (Tourism in Gozo)
  • TTC1501 (The Gozo Experience)
  • TTC1502 (Gozo - History and its Interpretation)
  • TTC2107 (Understanding Tourism Source Markets)
  • TTC3107 (Web 2.0 and its Applications in Tourism, Culture and Heritage)
  • TTC3109 (Managing Tourism Projects)
  • TTC3110 (Event Management and Planning)
  • TRS1131 (Introduction to Heritage and Culture)
  • TRS1181 (Basic Economics for Tourism)
  • TRS1151 (Tourism, Travel and Destinations)
  • TRS2221 (Sustainable Tourism)

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Master of Arts in International Hospitality and Tourism Experience Management

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Master of Arts in Tourism and Culture  
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