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Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife / Abitur

Applicants following the German education system will be considered to fulfill the University’s General Entry Requirements if they present:


(a) the Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife / Abitur which must include final written and oral passes in a language, a humanistic subject and a science subject. Passes in Mathematics and in another language must also be present in the final year of studies;

and either

(b) (i) aSecure English Language Test (SELT) result at the required levels. Further information is available through the English Language Requirements page:     eu/international/english_language_requirements;


        (ii) a pass at grade 10 in English as a final written examination in the Abitur, which can be taken in lieu of the above mentioned English test.


Applicants in possession of the above qualifications would be eligible to apply for courses without Special Course Requirements. A list of such courses is available on page 19 of the leaflet available at:;


For courses having Special Course Requirements, the latter will be satisfied if applicants present acceptable grades (see comparability of grades below) in the final written examinations in the Abitur for the required subjects; and


For courses where the Special Course Requirement is German at Advanced Matriculation Level at Grade C or better, the University will consider a pass in the oral examination in German in the final year of the Abitur to satisfy this requirement, if this has been obtained with a grade ranging between 10 and 15.

The comparability of grades in the German Abitur with grades awarded for Advanced Matriculation Level examinations by the MATSEC Board is as follows:


Abitur Grades

MATSEC Board Grades


Grade A (Advanced Level)


Grade B (Advanced Level)


Grade C (Advanced Level)


Grade D (Advanced Level)

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