Do you come from Italy and have this certificate?


- Diploma di Maturita’ / Diploma di Esame di Stato

In order to be considered for admission and to satisfy the University’s General Entry Requirements, you would need to present:

(a)   the Diploma di Esame di Stato or the Diploma di Maturità (Classica/Scientifica/Linguistica)

with an acceptable overall average, and good passes in a language (excluding English), a humanistic subject and Mathematics in the final year of studies; and


(b) A valid Secure English Language Test (SELT) to satisfy the University’s English Language     Requirements. Further information in this regard is available here:

When choosing courses / areas of study having Special Course Requirements (except for the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, the Master of Dental Surgery and courses accepting a limited number of students*), the requirements will be satisfied if you present:

(i)                 a final grade of 9 or 10 in the subjects stipulated as Special Course Requirements; and / or


(ii)               when the course bye-laws stipulate a Special Course Requirement of an Advanced Matriculation Level pass at grade C or better in Italian, a final grade of at least 8 will be accepted to fulfill this requirement; and /or


(iii)             a final grade of 7 or better will be accepted if the course bye-laws stipulate that the required Special Course Requirement is to be presented at Intermediate level.

* Applicants wishing to join the courses leading to the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, the Master of Dental Surgery, and courses accepting a limited number of students, must separately present passes in the applicable Special Course Requirements from the MATSEC Board, or comparable Boards, at the level and grade / or comparable, as stipulated in the respective course regulations or bye-laws.

Further information about the specific requirements for entry into the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery programme is also available in Appendix 3 of the relevant Evaluation Criteria at:

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