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In order to fulfill the University's General Entry Requirements, applicants presenting GCE qualifications awarded by UK Examining Boards are required to present:

·         4 GCE Advanced Level passes; or


·         3 GCE Advanced Level passes + 1 GCE Advanced Subsidiary level pass; or

·         2 GCE Advanced Level passes + 3 GCE Advanced Subsidiary level passes; and


·         GCSE level passes at grade 4 or better in English Language, a language other than English, and Mathematics.

The above mentioned GCE Advanced / Advanced Subsidiary qualifications must include passes in a language, a science, and a humanistic subject.

When applicants choose a course having Special Course Requirements, the above GCE Advanced / Advanced Subsidiary qualifications should also include relevant passes in the subjects stipulated as Special Course Requirements in the course regulations or bye-laws.


For information regarding the comparability of grades awarded by UK Examining Boards with the grades awarded by the MATSEC Examinations Board please refer to the following link: https://bit.ly/2Vjk8RX.


Information regarding the relevant entry requirements for the course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery is available in the course Evaluation Criteria.


When applicants are following a curriculum with a structure of 3 Advanced Levels, the passes required to complete the above-mentioned number of subjects may be obtained as an Advanced Matriculation or an Intermediate Matriculation subject from the MATSEC Examinations Board: https://www.um.edu.mt/matsec.

In the case of Maltese nationals who pursued their studies abroad, the University requires a formal document from the School, confirming that the two years of study leading to the completion of the GCE Advanced Levels were followed outside of Malta.


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