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High School Graduation Diploma

Applicants in possession of the High School Graduation Diploma will be considered to fulfill the University’s General Entry Requirements if they present:


(a)     The High School Graduation Diploma awarded following the completion of Year 12 with:


(i)                   a cumulative GPA score ranging between 2 and 4; and


(ii)                 a mix of subjects in Year 12, which must include passes in English Language, a language other than English (for non-Maltese applicants*), Mathematics**, and a humanistic subject; and


* may be presented at Grade 11


** may be presented at Grade 11 – however, in this case another science subject must be presented at Grade 12


(b)     A minimum of three (3) College Board Advanced Placement (AP) passes, awarded with a grade of three (3) or better in any subject. SAT scores do not compensate for the lack of College Board Advanced Placement (AP) passes;


Applicants presenting the above qualifications will be considered as satisfying the General Entry Requirements for University undergraduate courses and may be admitted into courses for which the number of students is not limited.


When choosing courses / areas of study having Special Course Requirements (except for the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, the Master of Dental Surgery and courses accepting a limited number of students *), applicants are required to present a College Board Advanced Placement (AP) pass at the required level, in the subject/s stipulated as Special Course Requirements. The comparability between local Matriculation level grades and College Board Advanced Placement (AP) grades is as follows:



College Board Advanced Placement








* Applicants wishing to join the courses leading to the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, the Master of Dental Surgery, and courses accepting a limited number of students, must separately present passes in the applicable special course requirements from the MATSEC Board, or comparable Boards, at the level and grade / or comparable, as stipulated in the respective Course regulations or bye-laws.

Requirements for entry into the University of Malta Junior College


Applicants who successfully complete Grade 12 (without taking any AP subjects) may be considered for admission to the University of Malta as a Junior Student at the University Junior College. Such applicants must be in possession of SIX passes, with a GPA ranging between 2 and 4 in Year 12 of the American High School Diploma.


The subjects must include Maltese*, English Language, Mathematics and at least one of Physics, Chemistry or Biology. More information can be found at:



*A non-Maltese applicant may be allowed to offer instead of Maltese, another language as approved by the Admissions Board; provided that such other language cannot be English, and applicants whose mother tongue is English, shall be required to offer a language other than English instead of Maltese.


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