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The Knowledge Transfer Office deals with collaborations with industry, protecting intellectual property, commercialising technology and accessing funding. You may have had an introduction to us during your induction period. You can download a copy of the presentation here [PDF].


How can we help you?


Accessing funds

Information on funds available can be found on our funding page. The University of Malta also has access to Pivot which helps in accessing funds around the world. Learn more about how you can use Pivot.

You may also wish to visit the new participant portal for Horizon 2020, the follow on program to the EU's 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

In addition, all funding applications must be processed through the Project Support Office. For more information on this process, click here

Interested in collaborating with a company?

We often formalise casual interactions with companies through collaboration agreements that allows all involved to get the most out of the relationship. Sometimes this includes applying for funding together, student placements, sharing know-how and so on. If you would like us to help you foster existing relationships with industry or find an organisation with which to collaborate, contact us.

If you are thinking of contacting an organisation, it is recommended that you read the page on Collaborating with Industry.

It is a good idea to keep your research interests updated in your personal profile on the University website. The KTO can then find you more easily if approached by an organisation that wishes to work with the University. You can do this as follows: go to the University's homepage, click 'Manage UoM IT Account' in the Quicklinks menu, and go to the section 'Update Details & Profile'.

Do you have an idea?

While carrying out teaching and research duties, you may generate intellectual property. It is important to identify whether or not such intellectual property has commercial value and if so, if and how it may be protected. If you want an overview of this process, have a look at the Managing Intellectual Property page. If you think you have an idea, you should complete the Intellectual Property Notification form available on the Standard Forms page.

While it should be developed enough, it is important that it is not disclosed to others before it has been protected. In order to make confidential disclosures you may require a Confidentiality Agreement which is also available on the Standard Forms page. 

We can guide you as to what your rights and duties are and how you can benefit from the rewards as defined in the IP Policy.


Intellectual property from student work

Very often, the best dissertations or student work contain potentially valuable intellectual property. However, they are also the pieces of work we would like to share with external examiners. In the event that you require a confidentiality agreement for an external examiner you can use the form available on the Standard Forms page.

Examiners internal to the University are already bound by confidentiality through Article 14 of the Collective Agreement. However, it is important that they are made aware of the fact that the information being disclosed is actually confidential. 

It is good practice to mark all such pieces of work with 'Confidential'. 


Taking technology to market

One of the key roles of the Knowledge Transfer Office is to commercialise technology. This may take the form of a licensing agreement with a third party, a spin-out or a start-up company. If you would like support in taking a technology to market we can support you. Have a look at some of the projects we are in the process of commercialising by clicking here.


Starting your own business...

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation offers a Master's in Knowledge- Based Entrepreneurship. The Cenre also runs the TAKEOFF Business Incubator, offering a location on campus for your new business and services that will improve the chances of its success.



Together with Malta University Consulting we can assist you in quoting, invoicing and all the other tasks which are involved with consultancy services you may wish to offer. This may take the form of technical advice, teaching courses or lab services. We also help to protect your and the University's interests in terms of intellectual property and publications.

It is a good idea to keep your research interests updated in your personal profile on the University website. We can then find you more easily if approached by an organisation that wishes to work with someone with your expertise. You can do this as follows: go to the University's homepage, click 'Manage UoM IT Account' in the Quicklinks menu, and go to the section 'Update Details & Profile'. 


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This is what some of the academics who work with our office had to say...


"Based on my present involvement, the Knowledge Transfer Office has come across as a capable and professional initiative.  Beyond being a modern-day requirement, it also has much potential to raise the profile of professional researchers and our university towards strategically enhancing the value of intellectual output.  This, to mutual advantage and the greater good for society and industry." - Dr Nathaniel P Massa


"I have been involved with the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) since its inception in 2009, and it has been a mutually beneficial, supportive and very positive learning experience all along. The KTO made great strides in a very short time, and the professional service it currently provides helps maximize the benefits that society reaps from the ongoing investment it makes in academia." - Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi


"I have been working with the Knowledge Transfer Office since I joined the University of Malta in late 2009. Not only have they supported me with IP and copyright issues related to my work and project applications, and the project applications themselves, but on a couple of occasions they introduced me to other researchers which resulted in new research collaborations. Whenever in doubt on IP or project related issues they are the first people I call." - Prof Luciano Mule' Stagno


"The Knowledge Transfer Office is always prompt to respond to any request, especially where it involves establishing contacts with industry and in cases of prospective patent applications. In the latter case, they provide an extensive and customised service." - Prof Charles V Sammut


"I have been interacting with the Knowledge Transfer office the past year. I really appreciated their efficiency on setting up productive meetings, advising on the dissemination of research activities and networking with competitive research partners for participating in externally funded research proposals. Overall, their role is a great asset for the further development and implementation of my research activities." - Dr Vasilis Valdramidis

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