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Synchronization for HS Video
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Synchronization for High Speed Video
Project Number: KD01MAA


The Invention 

We have developed a system which enables near perfect synchronization of high-speed video footage for observation of events happening at pico second speed. The system inherently synchronises high-speed, digital, independent cameras with exceptional accuracy by (a) making use of image sensors which have been manufactured under identical conditions and (b) dispensing with all but one clock signal. The system is compatible with the industry standard Camera Link® for data transfer.


camera exploded 



The system is the best electronic method available and a low cost solution which offers the following benefits: 

  • Imaging of ultra high speed (<100ps) processes in 3D, future-proof 
  • Flexible system suitable for a variety of applications by varying frame rate and resolution as well as independent mounting of cameras 
  • Reliable, robust, resistant to jitter, no moving parts 
  • Scalable due to low weight and complexity, using only a single transmission cable
  • Low cost as low power, standard components are used


Applications / Industries

The proposed application area is High Speed Industrial Multi-Vision.

The technology can also be applied to the following industries:

  • Automotive stereovision: driver alertness, road surface condition monitoring, road junction assistance, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, near and farfield obstacle detection and collision avoidance
  • Crash Testing: combining information from multiple camera sources to analyse fast events (such as air bag dynamics and structural collapses)
  • Manufacturing: to study the behaviour of production line equipment at full operational speeds
  • Medical Imaging: for example high resolution infrared tomography where motion of the patient has an impact on resolution
  • Scientific Instrumentation: imaging of high speed processes (such as fracture propagation, droplet formation or combustion wave-fronts), Doppler velocimetry, observation of explosions


Development Status

A second prototype is in the process of being developed with more up to date hardware. 


Intellectual Property Status 

Patent granted. A patent was filed in Malta in September 2008. This was extended to a PCT application which has been granted in the U.S. (no. US865425) and Japan (no. JP5512683). The EP application is still in the National Phase (no. EP2332339).


Commercial Interest

We are looking for collaborators to produce the final version of the product. We are also interested in hearing from researchers who would like to test the system on for their specific application.


Lead Originator & Relevant Publications

Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi

Azzopardi, M.A., Grech, I. & Leconte, J. 2010, "High Speed Tri-Vision System For Automotive Applications", European Transport Research Review, Springer Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 31-51.

Azzopardi, M.A. 2009, "Towards Camera-Link as an Automotive Video Bus: Enabling High Speed, Synchronised, Multivision Systems for Automotive Applications", Proceedings of The BMVA Symposium on Vision for Automotive Applications,British Machine Vision Association (BMVA), London, UK, May 20th.

Azzopardi, M.A. 2008, "Camera-Link and Synchronism in Automotive Multi-Vision Systems", Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Automotive Technologies (ICAT2008), ICAT, Istanbul, Turkey, Nov 13-14, pp. 344.


Other Information

Supported through the Malta Council for Science & Technology's FUSION Programme 2015, project number R&I-2015-024-V


Download summary [PDF]


Interested? Contact Andras Havasi or the Knowledge Transfer Office.

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Last Updated: 29 September 2016

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