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Medical Book for Foundation Studies in Medical and Academic English
Project Number: KD01ISX

The Invention

Foundation courses at universities across the world currently develop their own materials to prepare students looking to follow a degree in Medicine, Dentistry or Allied Health. Through this book, Medical English is taught first and foremost from the perspective of academic medicine while also reinforcing listening skills, vocabulary acquisition, grammar and structure.  

The textbook is supplemented by a teacher’s manual and a student work book. The set of books provides material to cover a year-long course run over two semesters of 12 weeks each, allowing for a week of revision prior to the examinations (150 hours of classes).



Current teaching tools most commonly used today for health professionals focus primarily on English language while embedding health care terminology as a second priority. This teaching strategy, of lessons replete with medical terminology and simple dialogues, fail to meet the needs of the Medical and Allied Health students whose needs are quite different to those of practicing doctors. The curriculum framework developed in this textbook is designed to meet the needs of a tertiary level educational institution, while focusing on the academic reading, writing, listening and speaking English skills required of a future degree student.


The book can be used to teach English as a foreign language to Medical and Allied Health students while in their foundation year. These students have not yet started their medical degree when following the foundation year course and therefore have limited knowledge of medicine.

Development Status

The set of books is currently in its 5th Edition and is currently in British English.The 1st edition was created in 2011 and has been improved upon ever since.  The team is also working on foundation year book sets in other areas, namely Humanities (1st edition), Science (2nd edition) and Commerce.

Intellectual Property Status

The textbook is protected through copyright.  In Malta the Copyright Act applies.

Commercial Interest

We are looking for an entity interested in publishing the textbook and promoting it to other Universities offering foundation courses for Medical and Allied Health students, outside Malta.

Lead Originator

Prof. Isabel Stabile


Download Summary [PDF]

Interested? Contact Nicola Camilleri or the Knowledge Transfer Office.

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Last Updated: 26 May 2016

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