Our platforms

Human Rights Law Platform

Dr Austin Bencini - Chairperson

Dr Ruth Farrugia - Coordinator

Dr David E. Zammit
Dr Anne-Marie Callus
Prof. Marie Therese Camilleri Podesta
Prof. Frances Camilleri-Cassar
Dr Joseph Giordmaina
Dr Ivan Mifsud
Dr Marceline Naudi

The Humans Rights Laws Platform was set up by the University of Malta Senate in 2013 as the Human Rights programme (HRP). The Platform aims to:
  1. to undertake, promote, facilitate and coordinate the study of human rights
  2. to collaborate with local and foreign centres, programmes and individuals working in human rights for research purposes
  3. to encourage publication of research on human rights related subjects
  4. to publish the Mediterranean Human Rights Review
  5. such other aims which the University of Malta may establish from time to time.
Every December a seminar, on a human rights-related topic, is organised to mark Human Rights Day. 

The Programme Board is supported administrative support
Mr Brandon-Lee Caruana
Ms Corinne Fenech

Medicine and the Law Platform

Professor Pierre Mallia - Chairperson

Dr Daniel Bianchi - Coordinator

Professor Kevin Aquilina
Professor Simone Borg
Dr Bridget Ellul