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What our LL.M. students say:


"I would describe the LL.M. in European Business Law as an advance degree that provides students with specialised knowledge on the legal framework that underlies the vast commercial activity taking place in Europe. This LL.M. programme is designed to give prominence to class discussions in which students are trained to analyse European Union Law from a critical perspective. The insightful guidance that is forthcoming from the learned academic staff and their willingness to assist the students with their academic endeavours, makes this programme a remarkable one. I consider that this LL.M. has equipped me with the required skills to specialise my practice in European Business Law." 

Joseph Calleja (Malta) - graduating November 2017

"The LLM programme in European Business Law imparts a broad knowledge about the key areas of European business law. The course is mainly taught by highly competent lectures who are mostly practitioners. Therefore, the theoretic study-units are also enriched by practical examples from lecturers’ professional experience. In addition, students are not only expanding their knowledge about European law, but also learning about different jurisdictions and legal traditions from other students who come from all over Europe. It was a pleasure studying at the UM!" 

Fabian Eckstein (Germany) - graduating November 2017

"Following my bachelor degree in law I opted for the LL.M in European Business due to a personal interest in this specialized field. The course structure allowed me to maintain an internship during my studies and encouraged interpersonal skills by means of weekly presentations and open discussions on topical issues during the biweekly seminars. Perhaps most importantly, the course taught me the importance of independent research and thought, as students are given freedom in how to tackle the topics covered and differing opinions are welcomed."

Maria DeGaetano (Malta) - graduating November 2017


 "The Faculty of Laws provided me with a wide choice of study units. I could choose from a variety of business-related study units according to my personal interests. Some of the units offered related to financial and IT law, which cover really modern and contemporary issues with recent subject matter. I am also very pleased with the professors that taught on the course. I would like to thank them again for guiding me and for sharing their experience and expertise." 

Tamas Tafferner (Malta) - graduated in November 2016 


"The Master's programme in European and Comparative Law is a great opportunity to acquire a comprehensive understanding of EU Law. The programme is mostly based on individual research however presentations and engaging discussions are also given by the lecturers who are experts in their subject area. The Masters complemented my degree in Law and opened up a new horizon of my career opportunities. I have enjoyed my studies at University of Malta and found them really interesting and useful." 

Migle Virbaliate  (Lithuania) - graduated November 2014


"Studying at the University of Malta was very interesting and I learnt a lot about European relations. The lecturers within whom I had contact were very qualified. The programme itself is a really useful enrichment for my day to day business as a company lawyer based in Germany. I can highly recommend this course and the University of Malta!" 

Bjorn  Kiesrau  (Germany) - graduated November 2011


"The LL.M. serves as an ideal foundation for any students and graduates seeking to delve further into European Union law. The programme provides, among other things, a general outline on the mechanics that work at EU level and also sheds light on their interplay and effects on Member State legislation and policies. In my work experience, I have found the course to be beneficial not only in terms of European Union law per se, but also in everyday matters and transactions, many of which are, more often than not, interrelated with the subject-matter of this LL.M." 

Robert Radmilli (Malta) - graduated November 2006


"The LL.M. has really helped me to achieve a broad perspective of European law. The content thereof was very detailed and interesting and the tutors really gave their best. It was a wonderful programme, of which I have taken a lot and have on several occasions implemented it in my career. I hope that other colleagues will have the same opportunity that I had to do this course.” 

Veronica Grixti (Malta) – graduated November 2005 

"The LL.M. in European and Comparative Law provides a comprehensive overview of primary and secondary EU law in a variety of areas, whilst offering invaluable insight into the Court of Justice’s landmark jurisprudence and contemporary academic discourse thereon. Extensive research and critical thinking are strongly encouraged by the programme’s tutors, as is active participation in class discussions. Pursuing this LL.M. has provided much of the background knowledge and informational tools which have proved indispensable to my work as Agent for Malta before the Court of Justice of the EU." 

Andria Buhagiar (Malta) - graduated November 2004


Last Updated: 7 November 2017

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