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Wherever you go in the island, you will be amazed and seduced by the beauty, sunshine and the sea. Malta is a lively and cosmopolitan student city-state, offering one of the largest concentration of young and ambitious students in the whole of central Mediterranean. Its Grand Harbour is still of international significance, creating a hinterland of prosperity that is reflected in amenities that go beyond the usual scope for a city-state of this size. Malta has a surprising infrastructure, cultural life, food scene, shopping facilities and more. You will be part of a large and international student body that dominates parts of the city and live and study within reach of everything this wonderful country has to offer. This is European city life at its most enjoyable and exciting.


At the University of Malta, we believe in enabling career choices. The Department of European and Comparative law of the Faculty of laws offers a flexible LL.M. programme in European & Comparative law that reflect varying career aspirations while offering a tremendous degree of curriculum flexibility. Within the framework of your personal position and ambitions, you are able to design the curriculum that best fits your needs based on the choice of study-units and dissertation. We provide personal course selection guidance to ensure that you choose the appropriate courses for your objectives. If you are looking for a programme that will adapt to your plans rather than the other way around, this is the LL.M. programme for you. At the same time, our broad range of study-units guarantees access to the topics that you find relevant for your personal career goals.


Malta may be the smallest EU’s Member State but it has one of the greatest history and culture to offer.  Malta is a microcosm of Europe. Malta boasts the oldest megalithic temples in the world, and has been a source of culture throughout the medieval and modern periods.  The University of Malta itself owe its origins to 1593 making it one of the oldest Universities in the world. While parts of the island are like an open museum, the country is still a lively community and centre full of life that places the well-being of its inhabitants in front.



Malta may be in southern Europe but its size and connectivity to the continent makes it closer to Brussels and London than many of the regional centres of the EU.  All parts of the island are within 30 minutes by car from the University and the international airport is just 15 minutes away.  From there, all major centres in Europe are a short flight away with multiple daily connections to London, Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels and Dubai amongst others plus regular connections to over 40 European destinations per week.   To study in Malta is truly to work in the heart of Europe! Brussels and its many EU institutions are just a short, comfortable flight away.  Such is the connectivity that day trips or a one night stay is very easy to many centres in Europe.



Welcome to food heaven! You are no doubt aware that Mediterranean food is the best in the world and you probably can't wait to verify this for yourself in the many cool, cosy and pulsating bars, cafés and restaurants.  This is Temptation Island for foodies but it can also be remarkably inexpensive if you pick carefully. You will miss our weather when you leave, but you also will miss our food and drink for ever more!  Should you need to relax after studying or exams, the beach or nightlife cannot be closer.






The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution in Malta. Over the past years, the University has reviewed its structures in order to be in line with the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area.  It has a very good reputation and its graduates have been successful on both national and international level.  The academic level of teaching and research in the LL.M programme is excellent as it has been attested by several distingished external examiners.   We have also good research facilities including electronic resources that enable a successful LL.M. or research degrees.



The academic level of our LL.M. programme is comparable with the best LL.Ms in Europe but is relatively cheaper as our University is a public funded university where tuition fees are kept to the minimum due to local policy to encourage higher education studies.  In fact, our programme is almost free of charge for Maltese nationals and for EU nationals who benefit from the free movement of students requirements under EU law.  Fees for third country nationals are also competitive.  Living in Malta is cheaper than living in the biggest European capitals.  In Malta, English is an official language and is widely spoken.


Malta is a window on the world. As a foreign student here, you will be part of a genuinely international university. In terms of staff, students, education and research, the University of Malta is growing into an increasingly international institution. A foreign student population of around 1,000, a little less than 10% of the total student population (including Erasmus students), from all parts of the world, testifies to the quality and diversity of its educational platform.


Your career stands at the centre of your LL.M. We have designed our LL.M. programme to allow you to plan a course of study and research that will boost your career potential, whatever that career may be. But careers are not made of degrees alone. Networks and formative professional experiences are equally important. We strive to help you in these aspects as well



At the University of Malta, we firmly believe that there is much more to legal education than knowing the black letter law. We want our LL.M. students to become the skilled all-round professionals needed in today’s complex and international economy. So our LL.M. programme integrates a set of legal skills into its core curriculum. We start off with your English language skills and then move on to presentation, negotiation and arbitration skills. We realise how important research and writing are and, therefore, put great emphasis on your LLM research paper. You will be guided and counselled throughout a year-long trajectory that ends in a high-end legal paper. You will leave us a better lawyer and a consummate professional.

Last Updated: 3 October 2014

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