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The application stage

A Thesis Proposal needs to be drafted and submitted together with the application form. In drafting the thesis proposal, prospective candidates should clearly mark out the title and explain the research question of the thesis and the methodology which it is planned to apply (for example, analysis of case law , or comparative analysis of legislation).

Application_stageAs part of the selection process, applicants may be interviewed by the Doctoral Committee of the faculty of Laws with the participation of the applicant’s provisionally designated Principal Supervisor in order for the Committee to further assess the applicants' ability and potential to reach doctoral level by participating in the work of the Department. Where it is not practical to hold an interview, appropriate alternative means of judging suitability will be used. 

If the Faculty Board of Laws is satisfied with the proposal, it shall give its approval for the application to be formally submitted to Senate in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. - Degree Regulations, 2008. A summary of this procedure is included below but candidates are invited and advised to read the University Ph.D. Degree Regulations 2008 before they submit their proposal. For more information please click here 

Length of the Course of Studies and of the  Dissertation 

PHD_graduatesStudies for the Ph.D. Degree extend over three years of full-time study or six years of part-time study. On the recommendation of the relevant authorities, Senate may grant students an extension of studies of up to two years in order to enable them to complete their studies, irrespective of whether they are registered on a full-time or a part-time basis. 

The thesis must be written in the prescribed format and can not exceed 100,000 words in length, including footnotes but excluding bibliography, appendices and abstract. The thesis should be presented in a manner that conforms to the established format and standards in the field of international legal scholarship.  

Last Updated: 26 January 2015

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