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The present Faculty of Laws owes its origins to the extensive reforms which were carried out by the University of Malta in 1935. From the constitution of the present University in 1769 down to 1835, the relevant course of law would lead to the conferral of a J.U.D. (Jurisutriusque Doctor) which basically consisted of a degree on Civil Law, including Roman Law and Canon Law.

On the strength of the 1835 reforms, the LL.D. (Legum Doctor) was introduced. New areas and branches of the Law were taught for the first time. The subjects of International Law and Constitutional Law were introduced. The first lecturer in the subject was Professor Ferdinando Caruana Dingli who occupied the post for almost 35 years from 1835 to 1869. The subject of Commercial Law was also introduced, entrusting the duties of lecturing in the subject to the same Professor Caruana Dingli who was also given the duties to give lectures on Criminal Law and the Science of Law. In point of fact, he lectured all the subjects till his demise in 1869. In 1870, Professor Nicolò Crescimanno came over to lecture in the subject of History of Legislation in England at Malta.

In 1923 the department of Fiscal Laws, Statistics and Administration was introduced, and Professor Dr Pier Giuseppe Frendo was nominated to the post which he occupied for 17 years until 1940.

In 1948, the Faculty endured thorough reforms once again. The subject of Constitutional and International Law were separated. The first lecturer on Constitutional Law as a separate department was Professor John Joseph Cremona while Dr Edwin Busuttil took over the subject of International Law.

Civil and Roman Law were also separated. Professor Dr Victor Caruana Galizia continued to lecture in Civil Law while Dr Joseph Max Ganado was appointed as lecturer in Roman Law. Administrative Law, including Fiscal Law, was introduced and the first lecturer was Dr Vincent Gatt.

In 1951, the course of Legal Procurator was introduced as a separate course and the first lecturer was Dr Maurice Caruana Curran.

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