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Prof. Dr Jonathan Verschuuren is a professor of International and European Environmental Law at Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and faculty member of the Tilburg Sustainability Center. His research mainly focuses on the role of international and EU environmental law in legal practice, on such issues as biodiversity conservation and climate change. Currently, his research focuses on climate change adaptation law in such areas as coastal adaptation, water management, biodiversity conservation, and agriculture. Verschuuren has written more than 200 publications in the field of environmental law, including several books and many articles in outstanding refereed journals throughout the world. He is or has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Connecticut (USA), Leuven (Belgium) and Sydney (Australia) and at North West University (South Africa). Some of his recent publications include:

  • VERSCHUUREN, J. (2013) Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Law. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • VERSCHUUREN, J. (2012) Legal Aspects of Climate Change Adaptation. In HOLLO, E. J. et al. (eds) Climate Change and the Law: A Global Perspective. Springer Publishing.

  • VERSCHUUREN, J., MCDONALD, J. (2012) Towards a legal framework for coastal adaptation: Assessing the first steps in Europe and Australia. Transnational Environmental Law. Vol. 1, No. 2, p. 355-379. Available from here.
  • VERSCHUUREN, J. (2010) Climate Change: Rethinking Restoration in the European Union’s Birds and Habitats Directives. Ecological Restoration, Vol. 28, No. 4, p. 431-439. Available from here.
  • VERSCHUUREN, J. (2010) The Right to Water as a Human Right or a Bird’s Right: Does Co-operative Governance Offer a Way Out of a Conflict of Interests and Legal Complexity? In CULLET, P. et al. (eds) Water Governance in Motion. Towards Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Water Laws. Cambridge University Press India.
  • VERSCHUUREN, J., KUCHTA, S. (2010) Victims of Environmental Pollution in the Slipstream of Globalization. In LETSHCERT, R. & VAN DIJK, J. (eds) The New Faces of Victimhood. Globalization, Transnational Crimes and Victim Rights, Studies in Global Justice Vol. 8. Springer Publishing. 
  • VERSCHUUREN, J., ERENS, S. AND BASTMEIJER, K. (2009) Adaptation to Climate Change to Save Biodiversity: Lessons Learned from African and European Experiences. In RICHARDSON, B. et al. (eds) Climate Law and Developing Countries: Legal and Policy Challenges for the World Economy. Edward Elgar Publishing.

For a full list of publications and an extensive CV, click here.






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