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Curriculum vitae H.F.M.W. (Marleen) van Rijswick

Prof. Dr Marleen van Rijswick is full professor of European and Dutch water law at Utrecht University and a specialist on water law, environmental law, land use planning, and adaptation to climate change. She is research leader of the Utrecht University research programme “Water and Sustainability”. She was visiting professor “European Environmental Law” at the University Pantheon-Assas in Paris France from 2008-2011 and now teaches European water law in this master programme. She participates as visiting professor in the master Energy, Environmental and Climate Change Law at Malta University. She is an advisor of the Dutch government and parliament in the field of legislation concerning water management and public works. She has broad experience in advising national, regional and local governments and societal organizations in the field of adaptation to climate change and water and environmental management. Research projects she is involved in are “The Governance of Adaptation” of the Dutch research programme Knowledge for Climate (Please click here); the EU FP7 programme Starflood; Public values in water management and the Dutch NWO research project CONTEXT which is part of the Urban regions in the Delta programme.

Finally, she is substitute judge at the court of Oost-Brabant (Den Bosch).

Selection of Publications in English
(Peer reviewed) articles:

  • VAN RIJSWICK, M. et al. Towards legitimate governance strategies for climate adaptation in the Netherlands, Combining insights from a legal, planning, and network perspective. Regional Environmental Change. DOI 10.1007/s10113-013-0448-0.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W., DRIESSEN. P. Normative aspects of planning for climate adaptation: Out of the comfort zone. In Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning (accepted).
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M. et al. The Concept of Resilience from a Normative Perspective: Examples from Dutch Adaptation Strategies, Ecology and Society. ES-2012-5526 (accepted).
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. et al. (2013) EU Water Governance: Striking the Right Balance between Regulatory Flexibility and Enforcement?  In Ecology and Society 18(2): 10. Available from here
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M. et al. (2013) Towards adaptive spatial planning for climate change; Balancing between robustness and flexibility. In Journal of European Environmental and Planning Law, JEEPL 10.I (2013), pp. 29-53.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W., KEESSEN A. M. (2012) Adaptation to climate change in European Water Law and Policy. In Utrecht Law Review, November 2012, pp. 38-50. Available from here
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M., SALET, W. (2012) Enabling the contextualization of legal rules in responsive strategies to climate change. In Ecology and Society 17(2): 18.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W., DRIESSEN, P. (2011) Normative Aspects of Climate Adaptation Policy, 2(4) Climate Law pp. 1-23.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. et al. (2011) The Regional Governance of Climate Adaptation: A Framework for Developing Legitimate, Effective and Resilient Governance Arrangements. In Climate Law 1 (2011) 1-21, DOI 10.3233/CL-2011-032. IOS Press.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. et al.  Uncertainty management strategies: Lessons from the regional implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Netherlands.  Environmental Science & Policy Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 64-75.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. et al. (2011) Ecological ambitions and complications in the regional implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Netherlands. In Water Policy, p. 160-173.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. The Status of Consumers in European Water Regulation. In VERDURE, C (ed) Environmental Law and Consumer Protection, European Journal of Consumer Law / Revue Européenne de droit de la consummation. Larcier, ISBN 978-2-8044-4803-5, 2011/1, pp. 115-148.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M., KEESSEN, A. M. and FRERIKS. A. ‘The Clash of the Titans: The Relation between the European Water and Medicines Legislation’. In CML Review (5) 2010, pp. 1429-1454.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M. et al. ‘European River Basin Districts: Are They Swimming in the Same Implementation Pool?’. In Journal of Environmental Law , Volume 22, Issue 2, 2010, pp. 197-222.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. et al. ‘The need for international and regional transboundary cooperation in European river basin management as a result of new approaches in EC water law’. In ERA Forum, Volume 11, Number 1, 2010, pp. 129-157. Available from here. 
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W., KEESSEN, A.M. and HILDERING, A.  Tackling pollution of the Mediterranean Sea from land-based sources by an integrated ecosystem approach and the use of the combined international and European legal regimes. In Utrecht Law Review, 2009, pp. 80-100. Available from here.
  • VAN RIJSWICK H.F.M.W., KEESSEN, A.M. and VAN KEMPEN, J.J.H. Transboundary river basin management in Europe, Legal Instruments to comply with European water management obligations in case of transboundary water pollution and floods. In Utrecht Law Review, 2008, pp. 35-56. Available from here. 

    Books and contributions to books:

  • VAN RIJSWICK, M., BACKES, C. Effective environmental protection: towards a better understanding of environmental quality standards in environmental legislation. In GIPPERTH, L. & ZETTERBERG, C. (eds) Miljörättsliga perspektiv och tankevändor, Vänbok till Jan Darpö & Gabriel Michanek. Iustus Förlag AB, Uppsala 2013, ISBN 9789176788424, pp. 19-50.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M., VAN HOLTEN, S. The consequences of a governance approach in European Environmental directives for flexibility, effectiveness and legitimacy. In PEETERS, M. & UYLENBURG R.  (eds) EU environmental legislation: Legal perspectives on regulatory strategies, Edward Elgar Publishing, (in press).
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M. Searching for the Right to Water in the Legislation and Case Law of the European Union. In SMETS, H. (ed) The right to safe drinking water and sanitation in Europe.  Editions Johanet, Paris, (2012), pp. 87-113.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, M. Improving the Right to Water in the Netherlands. In SMETS, H. (ed),  Academie de l ‘ eau, France. Editions Johanet, Paris, (2012), pp. 369-391
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. and HEY, E.  Transnational watermanagement. In JANSEN, O. & SCHONDORF-HAUBOLD, B. (eds) The European Composite Administration. Intersentia, (2011), pp. 227-249.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W., et al. (ed), Dealing with complexity and policy discretion, the implementation of the Water Framework directive in five Member States. SDU 2009, ISBN 9789012131070, 245 p.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W.  Interaction between European and Dutch Water Law. In REINHARD S. & FOLMER, H. (eds) Water Policy in the Netherlands, Integrated Management in a Densely Populated Delta,  Issues in water resource policy. RFF (Resources for the Future) Press, Washington, DC, USA, ISBN 978-1-933115-73-3, (2009), pp. 204-224.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W. Moving water and the Law, On the Distribution of Water Rights and Water Duties within River Basins in European and Dutch water law, inaugural address Utrecht University. Europa Law Publishing, Groningen, 2008.
  • VAN RIJSWICK, H.F.M.W.  De kwaliteit van water, Europese en nationale instrumenten voor de bescherming van oppervlaktewater (The quality of surface waters: European and national Legal instruments for the protection of surface waters). Dissertation & Europese monografiëen nr. 70, Kluwer 2001, 450 p.
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