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New Book by Dr Simone Borg
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The conservation of living marine resources with diverse characteristics has long been an issue of international concern. Despite shortcomings and failures of International law in this field, there have been success stories that highlight the potential of effective interaction between maritime law, fisheries law and environmental law. Simone Borg’s book provides an examination of the regulatory and legal implications of marine conservation for a more holistic response by States towards conservation, the marine environment and socio-economic needs. The book addresses the intricate and at times conflicting relationship between the applicable international regimes aimed at setting conservation obligations, compliance and enforcement on the high seas. It demonstrates how international law can diversify itself to ensure flexibility and a degree of adaptation to the different interests of the States involved.


New book by Dr Simone Borg [PDF]

New Book by Dr Simone Borg
Conservation on the High Seas  - Harmonizing International Regimes for the Sustainable Use of Living Resources
Last Updated: 3 July 2014

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