Faculty of Laws

Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC)

Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC)

Updated code of practice for research ethics at the University of Malta

Please note that following the new code of practice for research ethics at the University of Malta (UM), Faculty Research Ethics Committees (FREC) are now authorised to approve Research ethics and Data Protection (REDP) applications on behalf of the University of Malta. In cases where 'sensitive personal data', as defined in the Data Protection Act is involved, FRECs will still receive the application, which must then be forwarded to the University of Malta Research Ethics Committee (UREC), who have been authorised by the information and Data Protection Commissioner to act on its behalf.

Please note that all researchers at the UM are now required to fill up the online Ethics and Data Protection Form regardless of what their research is. The online form should be filled up once your title and supervisor have been approved by Faculty Board and you would have made contact with your supervisor. After filling up the form, the system will send you a copy of the form on the email address that you would have provided at the bottom of the form (please make sure you that you indicate your correct email address otherwise you will not be sent a copy of the form). After receiving the copy by email please send it to your supervisor, asking him/her to endorse it and copy in Ms Elisa Attard. It is the responsibility of the researcher to get the endorsement from the supervisor.

Forms cannot be processed if they are not emailed to your supervisor and endorsed.

Faculty of Laws Research Ethics Committee
Chairperson: Professor Frances Camilleri-Cassar
Secretary: Ms Elisa Attard
Faculty Office