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Bag Depository
A bag depository is available at the entrance of the Library.  Bags may be placed in open pigeon holes or in secure lockers. Though the area is covered by CCTV cameras, the Library is not liable for any loss or damages incurred to the private property of patrons.

Barcode number
The Barcode number also known as accession number is a unique number assigned in a continuous numerical sequence to new acquisitions. The barcode number is required to reserve a book if it is on loan.

Book Catalogue

Books on loan
Any item on loan may be recalled, if required by another patron, or if required for teaching purposes, or if so requested by the Director. Such items must be returned within one week from date of notification unless the date due for the return of that item falls beforehand. Online request can be made for items which are on loan.

Card Catalogues
A small percentage of the Library’s book holdings have not yet been entered in the online catalogue, and records for this material can be found in the card catalogue. The catalogue cards are filed in alphabetical sequence, in separate sections divided by author, title, and subject. The Library’s card catalogues can be found on Level 1 of the Library.

Classification System
The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system. The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification to organise the books on the shelves. This scheme is based on the alphabet. Each letter represents a different subject. For example,

B stands for philosophy, psychology and religion,
H for social sciences,
L for education,
M for music, etc.

Each letter is then divided into subclasses. B, for example, is divided into sections such as:

Courtesy e-mail
As a reminder to patrons, a courtesy e-mail is sent via the University webmail, three days before a book is due, giving borrowers enough time to renew their books. Therefore it is very important that patrons check their University webmail regularly.

Faculties and institutes have to deposit a copy of student dissertations and theses at the Library as prescribed by University statutes and regulations. The provisions of copyright law on the use of these dissertations and theses shall be respected.

Fine Arts Collection

Found on Level 3 of the Library this small but rich collection contains books related to Fine Arts. Also housed in this section is the Isabelle Borg Collection. For assistance please contact the floor librarian.

If a book is retained beyond the loan-period without renewal, or kept beyond a recall deadline, a system of fines is applicable as per table below. Non-settlement of fines will lead to the blocking of the patron’s borrowing account.

Regular Loan
Three (3) weeks (Undergraduate, Junior College)€0.20c per day

Three (3) months (Postgraduate, Support Staff and Faculty)€0.20c per day
Recalled Item
 €0.50c per day
Restricted LoanTwo (2) hours, Overnight or Weekend€0.15c per hour
Foreign University Prospectuses
Foreign university prospectuses offer patrons interested in continuing their studies overseas, the information needed regarding the institutions and their available courses. Prospectuses can be found in the Reference Department on Level 1.

Information desks
Information desks are found on all levels of the Library. Librarians manning these desks will help provide necessary information about library services and collections, and direct users to the relative service points, when further assistance is needed.

IT workstations
The University Main Library along with its branch libraries has a number of open access workstations. The computers have the standard software and are equipped with USB ports and CD/DVD writing facilities. Access to these workstations is available to all registered patrons by using UoM IT account username and password

Membership (external)
If a number of criteria are met, local residents who are reading for a degree with a foreign university can apply as external borrowers and be granted borrowing rights. Completed applications forms can be presented at the circulation desk or at the Office of Director Library Services, pending approval.

The Library subscribes to a number of local and foreign newspapers. These newspapers are housed in the Periodicals Department and past issues of newspapers are only kept for one year. The Times of Malta and the Malta Today are bound and kept at the Melitensia.

Local Newspapers
Foreign Newspapers
  • Times of Malta
  • Malta Today
  • The Malta Independent
  • In-Nazzjon
  • L-Orizzont
  • It-Torċa
  • Il-Mument
  • Il-Kulħadd
  • Il Corriere della Sera
  • Financial Times
  • Le Monde
  • The Sunday Times
Overdue books
See: Fines

Oversize Books
Very large books are not shelved with normal-sized volumes because of their size. To locate these books, the word ‘OVERSIZE’ is added in shelfmark field on the online catalogue and on the spine label of each book. These books are found on Level 3 of the Library.

Pamphlet Boxes
Material such as unbound reports, brochures and booklets with less than 40 pages, are catalogued and stored in Pamphlet Boxes. To locate this material, the letters ‘P.B.’ is added in shelfmark field on the online catalogue and on the spine label of each item. The Pamphlet Boxes are found on Level 3 of the Library.

Publishers’ catalogues
Publisher's catalogues are issued seasonally, usually in the spring and autumn of each year. These catalogues offer updated lists of new books available on the market including reviews. Publisher catalogues are stored in the Reference Department for patrons to discover what has just been published.

Recent Accessions
New additions to the Library are kept on display on the recent accessions shelves in the Reference Department. The books are kept for one week and may not be borrowed before they are placed on the open shelves. However, these publications may be reserved in advance by filling in a reservation card and inserting it in the requested book. Reservation cards are available on the recent accessions shelves

All books have a shelfmark at the base of the spine (alpha-numeric code), indicating their subject matter and giving the book an exact position on the shelves.

Shelving System
See: Classification System

Subject Location
See: Classification System

Wireless access
IT Services manages a number of wireless hotspots in designated areas at the University Main Library, and at most of the branch libraries. The service enables registered University of Malta patrons to connect to the campus network using laptops and other devices that support wireless connections. Once connected to the wireless access point, users can start using the service by first launching a web browser and authenticating using their username and password. The wireless network service provides UoM staff and students access to:

  • online information available on the University intranet, including the Library e-journals, eSIMS, VLE and Internet.
  • email.
  • IT Services printing facilities.

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Donation of Melitensia works
from family of the late Dr Joseph Bartolo BA, LLD

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