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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20051990-2005 : from insider dealing to market manipulationFabri, David
1999Amendments to Companies Act 1995 and Investment Services Act 1994Fabri, David
1999Amendments to liquidation after a company has been struck offFabri, David
2005And, finally, the (long overdue) regulation of consumer credit...Fabri, David
2016Arbiter : solution or problem?Fabri, David; Grima, Antoine
2000Banking Act 1994 - new regulations passedFabri, David
2015Book review : OffshoringFabri, David
1999Case law : amalgamation declared nullFabri, David
1999Case law : criminal liability of corporationsFabri, David
1998Case law : Malta Banco di Napoli International S.A. v Malta Stone Company LimitedFabri, David
1999Case law : unfair prejudice rulingFabri, David
2006The co-operative societies act 2001 - a comment on the recent reforms in Maltese co-operatives lawFabri, David
1997The Company Act - one year laterFabri, David
2000Company law : case lawFabri, David
1999Constitution of two special tribunals - the Malta Stock Exchange Tribunal and the Financial Services TribunalFabri, David
2002Consumer and financial services legislation - some reflections on the Maltese positionFabri, David
2003Consumer and financial services legislation in Malta - strangers or allies?Fabri, David
2007Consumer law in post-accession Malta : a critical review of price control regulation and the supplies and services act 1947Fabri, David
1979Consumer protection and the lawFabri, David
2018Current issues and challenges in local professional ethicsFabri, David
2015A decade after EU membership : price control law in Malta revisitedFabri, David; Pace, Roderick; University of Malta. Institute for European Studies
2007Definitive publicationFabri, David
2018Directors and small companies - a discussion paperFabri, David
2006False starts and broken promises : some mishaps in the development of Maltese consumer lawFabri, David
2002-10Financial services legislation some reflections on the recent amendmentsFabri, David
2018Foreword : the study of lawFabri, David
1999From MIBA to MFSC : the first decade and beyondFabri, David
1991From trilogy to trinity : thoughts on consumer protection in Malta and the recent white paperFabri, David
2001The functions and first two decisions of the Malta Stock Exchange TribunalFabri, David
2015-12Graduand’s speech : graduation ceremony 21 : Friday 9 December 2015Fabri, David
2019-11Graduand’s speech : law graduation ceremony : 19th November 2019Fabri, David
2005How the new prevention of financial markets abuse act may affect the mediaFabri, David
1998Insider dealingFabri, David
1998Insurance Business Act, 1998Fabri, David
2016Issues in Maltese regulation : on the move and under stressFabri, David
1999The law regulating co-operatives and the auditorFabri, David
2000Lifting the screen : welcome to the silent revolutionFabri, David
1994Malta : government publishes white paper on fair trading, incorporating proposed legislation on consumer affairs and competitionFabri, David
1999The Malta financial services centre : a study in micro-state dependency management?Fabri, David; Baldacchino, Godfrey
2001The Malta Stock Exchange Tribunal and insider dealing - a note on the tribunal and the first three concluded casesFabri, David
1998Maltese consumer policy and EU directives : the good news and the bad newsFabri, David
2001The Mayflower, the Rapsody and other recent company law casesFabri, David
2016More pro-business trickery?Fabri, David; Grima, Antoine
2007My brother's keeper the genesis and ethical basis of consumer law (notes from a Maltese perspective)Fabri, David
2002-04-14The new Co-operative Societies Act 2001 : a case of new wine in old bottles?Fabri, David
2003The new MFSA : placing the recent changes in different contextsFabri, David
2009No more heroes any more? The whistle-blowing dilemma : recent developments and a fresh look at some conceptual and legal issuesFabri, David
2010Notes from a regulatory and compliance perspective : a fresh look at the responsibilities of company directors and officialsFabri, David
1998Part II : some further thoughts on insider dealing - the brighter side of insider dealingFabri, David
1997Paying back the debtFabri, David
2005Preventing market abuseFabri, David
2012The price of whistle blowing : the flawed ECJ decision in Stanley Adams vs Commission of the European Communities (1985)Fabri, David
2002Recent amendments to MaIta`s financial services legislation : a review of some major aspects of ACT no. XVII of 2002Fabri, David
2018Recent challenges and developments in commercial lawFabri, David
1998-04Regulated business : dissolution, insolvency and the role of the regulatory authorities - Part 1Fabri, David
1998-07Regulated business : dissolution, insolvency and the role of the regulatory authorities - Part 2Fabri, David
2004Regulating the real estate industryFabri, David
2017The regulation of estate agentsFabri, David; Grima, Antoine
1998Resuscitation of a company which has been dissolved and struck offFabri, David
2017Rules on whistle-blowingFabri, David
2000The sale of commodities (control) regulations 1972Fabri, David
2006A single unified supervisory authority for financial services in Malta and beyond - some legal and regulatory issuesFabri, David
1998Some final thoughts on insider trading (III)Fabri, David
2004A study in Maltese regulation - estate agency services : a suitable case for treatment?Fabri, David
2012Transposing the consumer protection acquis at pre-membership stage : current candidate states and othersFabri, David
2005Transposition tables, toil and tears...... true tales from the accessionFabri, David
2016The whistleblowing dilemma in Malta continues : a personal view and analysisFabri, David
2002Whistleblowing in Malta : a note on recent developments, proposals and missed opportunitiesFabri, David
2016White paper not good enoughFabri, David; Grima, Antoine
1991White paper on consumer protection : proposals for legislative reformsFabri, David