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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Abuse of OTC and prescribed drugs : popping pills for thrills?Mifsud, Janet
2009An analysis of gender differences in self-reported heaith, use of medicines and access to information sources about medicines among adolescentsDarmanin Ellul, Rita; Cordina, Maria; Buhagiar, Anton; Fenech, Anthony G.; Mifsud, Janet
2013Are we failing to provide adequate rescue medication to children at risk of prolonged convulsive seizures in schools?Cross, J. Helen; Wait, Suzanne; Arzimanoglou, Alexis; Beghi, Ettore; Bennett, Christine; Lagae, Lieven; Mifsud, Janet; Schmidt, Dieter; Harvey, Gordon
1994Chiral drugs : one drug or two? : Clinical pharmacology through the looking glass : reflections on the racemate vs enantiomer debateMifsud, Janet
2009The clinical relevance of pharmacokinetics and drug interactions with anti epileptic drugsMifsud, Janet
2013COST : matchmaking for researchersMifsud, Janet; Bellia, Claire
2017COST special issue [Editorial]Magri, David C.; Mifsud, Janet
1998Creativity vs. serendipity : thinking skills in the sciencesMifsud, Janet
2011Drug doping in sports : an overview and recommendations for the Maltese contextMifsud, Janet; Attard, David; Attard, Lucienne
1991-03Drug enantiomers and the elderly : one drug or two?Mifsud, Janet; Collier, Paul S.; Millership, Jeffrey Stuart
2003Drugs and the athlete : what is the price for winning at any cost?Mifsud, Janet
2015The effect of turmeric (curcumin) supplementation on cytokine and inflammatory marker responses following 2 hours of endurance cyclingSciberras, Joseph N.; Galloway, Stuart D. R.; Fenech, Anthony G.; Grech, Godfrey; Farrugia, Claude; Duca, Deborah; Mifsud, Janet
2014Gender differences in epilepsy : perceived or real?Mifsud, Janet
2008Health complaints and use of medicines among adolescents in MaltaDarmanin Ellul, Rita; Cordina, Maria; Buhagiar, Anton; Fenech, Anthony G.; Mifsud, Janet
2001Inter-professional ethics and pharmaceutical issuesMifsud, Janet; Agius, Hilary; Busuttil, Edgar; Ciappara, Marianne; Ellul, Brigid; Micallef, Christianne; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre; Vella, Pat
2013-06The key to networkingMifsud, Janet
2008Knowledge and sources of information about medicines among adolescents in MaltaDarmanin Ellul, Rita; Cordina, Maria; Buhagiar, Anton; Fenech, Anthony G.; Mifsud, Janet
2005Medication, recreational drugs and diving : a review of the effects of drugs in the hyperbaric environmentPace, Tamsin; Mifsud, Janet; Cali-Corleo, Ramiro; Fenech, Anthony G.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger
2013National strategy for health research and innovationLapira, Alec; Sammut, Nicholas; Scerri, Christian; Cordina, Gordon; Mifsud, Janet; Cassingena Harper, Jennifer; Saliba Scerri, Ramona; Castillo, Nadine
2000Out of the shadows : services for persons with epilepsy in MaltaMifsud, Janet
2006-03The pharmacokinetics of the antiviral agents indicated in influenza : what are the clinical implications?Mifsud, Janet
1996-01Stereoisomeric pharmacovigilance and racemic drugs in hospital formulariesMifsud, Janet
2012Sustainable and accessible healthcare and the common goodMifsud, Janet
2012Understanding the molecular pharmacology of the serotonergic system : using fluoxetine as a modelSghendo, Lino; Mifsud, Janet
2017Using antiepileptic drugs in children : recent developments and recommendationsShabbi, Hana; Scerri, Anne Marie; Soler, Doriette M.; Mifsud, Janet
2012The written declaration on epilepsy : an important achievement for Europe and beyondBaulac, Michel; Boer, Hanneke de; Elger, Christian; Glynn, Mike; Kälviäinen, Reetta; Little, Ann; Mifsud, Janet; Perucca, Emilio; Pitkänen, Asla