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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Acquiring L2 sentence comprehension : a longitudinal study of word monitoring in noiseOliver, Georgina; Gullberg, Marianne; Hellwig, Frauke; Mitterer, Holger; Indefrey, Peter
2014Agreeing to disagree : constant non-alignment of speech gestures in dialogueMitterer, Holger
2018Allophones, not phonemes in spoken-word recognitionMitterer, Holger; Reinisch, Eva; McQueen, James M.
2007Behavior reflects the (degree of) reality of phonological features in the brain as wellMitterer, Holger
2012Can hearing puter activate pupil? Phonological competition and the processing of reduced spoken words in spontaneous conversationsBrouwer, Susanne; Mitterer, Holger; Huettig, Falk
2010Compensation for assimilatory devoicing and prosodic structure in German fricative perceptionKuzla, Claudia; Ernestus, Mirjam; Mitterer, Holger
2011Constraints on the processes responsible for the extrinsic normalization of vowelsSjerps, Matthias J.; Mitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2003Coping with phonological assimilation in speech perception : evidence for early compensationMitterer, Holger; Blomert, Leo
2010Correlation versus causation in multisensory perceptionMitterer, Holger; Jesse, Alexandra
2013Discourse context and the recognition of reduced and canonical spoken wordsBrouwer, Susanne; Mitterer, Holger; Huettig, Falk
2011Effects of first and second language on segmentation of non-native speechHanulikova, Adriana; Mitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2011-08The efficiency of cross-dialectal word recognitionTuinman, Annelie; Mitterer, Holger; Cutler, Anne
2013Evidence for precategorical extrinsic vowel normalizationSjerps, Matthias J.; McQueen, James M.; Mitterer, Holger
2009Foreign subtitles help but native-language subtitles harm foreign speech perceptionMitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2008How acoustically reduced forms activate the lexicon : evidence from eye-trackingBrouwer, Susanne; Mitterer, Holger; Ernestus, Mirjam
2008How are words reduced in spontaneous speech?Mitterer, Holger
2017How does cognitive load influence speech perception? An encoding hypothesisMitterer, Holger; Mattys, Sven
2016How does prosody influence speech categorization?Mitterer, Holger; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang
2013How phonological reductions sometimes help the listenerMitterer, Holger; Russell, Kevin
2004In search of the auditory, phonetic, and/or phonological problems in dyslexia : context effects in speech perceptionBlomert, Leo; Mitterer, Holger; Paffen, Christiaan
2009The influence of memory on perception : it’s not what things look like, it’s what you call themMitterer, Holger; Musseler, Jochen; Horschig, Jorn M.; Majid, Asifa
2006Is vowel normalization independent of lexical processing?Mitterer, Holger
2015Letters don’t matter : no effect of orthography on the perception of conversational speechMitterer, Holger; Reinisch, Eva
2005-06Lexically-driven perceptual adjustments of vowel categoriesMcQueen, James M.; Mitterer, Holger
2011The mental lexicon is fully specified : evidence from eye-trackingMitterer, Holger
2018Not all geminates are created equal : evidence from Maltese glottal consonantsMitterer, Holger
2008Novel second-language words and asymmetric lexical accessEscudero, Paola; Hayes-Harb, Rachel; Mitterer, Holger
2006On the causes of compensation for coarticulation : evidence for phonological mediationMitterer, Holger
2014Perceptual adaptation to segmental and syllabic reductions in continuous spoken DutchPoellmann, Katja; Bosker, Hans Rutger; McQueen, James M.; Mitterer, Holger
2006-12Perceptual compensation for voice assimilation of German fricativesKuzla, Claudia; Mitterer, Holger; Ernestus, Mirjam; Cutler, Anne
2011-08Perceptual learning of liquidsScharenborg, Odette; Mitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2014Phonetic category recalibration : what are the categories?Reinisch, Eva; Wozny, David R.; Mitterer, Holger; Holt, Lori L.
2010Phonological competition in casual speechCutler, Anne; Mitterer, Holger; Brouwer, Susanne; Tuinman, Annelie
2011-08Pointing gestures do not influence the perception of lexical stressJesse, Alexandra; Mitterer, Holger
2010Possible words and fixed stress in the segmentation of Slovak speechHanulikova, Adriana; McQueen, James M.; Mitterer, Holger
2009Processing reduced word-forms in speech perception using probabilistic knowledge about speech productionMitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2006Projecting the end of a speaker’s turn : a cognitive cornerstone of conversationRuiter, J. P. de; Mitterer, Holger; Enfield, N. J.
2006-05Prosodic structure affects the production and perception of voice-assimilated German fricativesKuzla, Claudia; Ernestus, Mirjam; Mitterer, Holger
2013Regional accent variation in the shadowing task : evidence for a loose perception - action coupling in speechMitterer, Holger; Musseler, Jochen
2012The role of native-language knowledge in the perception of casual speech in a second languageMitterer, Holger; Tuinman, Annelie
2006The role of perceptual integration in the recognition of assimilated word formsMitterer, Holger; Csepe, Valeria; Blomert, Leo
2010Shadowing reduced speech and alignmentBrouwer, Susanne; Mitterer, Holger; Huettig, Falk
2005-06Short-and medium-term plasticity for speaker adaptation seem to be independentMitterer, Holger
2007-08Speakers differentiate English intrusive and onset /r/, but L2 listeners do notTuinman, Annelie; Mitterer, Holger; Cutler, Anne
2012Speech reductions change the dynamics of competition during spoken word recognitionBrouwer, Susanne; Mitterer, Holger; Huettig, Falk
2003Stroop dilution but not word-processing dilution : evidence for attention captureMitterer, Holger; La Heij, Wido; Heijden, A. H. C. van der
2007-08Top-down effects on compensation for coarticulation are not replicableMitterer, Holger
2007-08Tracking perception of pronunciation variation by tracking looks to printed words : the case of word-final /t/Mitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2014Use of syntax in perceptual compensation for phonological reductionTuinman, Annelie; Mitterer, Holger; Cutler, Anne
2014Use what you can : storage, abstraction processes, and perceptual adjustments help listeners recognize reduced formsPoellmann, Katja; Mitterer, Holger; McQueen, James M.
2016Variability in L2 phonemic learning originates from speech-specific capabilities : an MMN study on late bilingualsDiaz, Begona; Mitterer, Holger; Broersma, Mirjam; Escera, Carles; Sebastian-Galles, Nuria
2017Visual speech influences speech perception immediately but not automaticallyMitterer, Holger; Reinisch, Eva
2016What are the letters of speech? Testing the role of phonological specification and phonetic similarity in perceptual learningMitterer, Holger; Cho, Taehong; Kim, Sahyang
2016What sound symbolism can and cannot do : testing the iconicity of ideophones from five languagesDingemanse, Mark; Schuerman, Will; Reinisch, Eva; Tufvesson, Sylvia; Mitterer, Holger