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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981The abolition of slavery in MaltaWettinger, Godfrey
1982Agriculture in Malta in the late Middle AgesWettinger, Godfrey
1972Arabo-Berber influences in Malta : onomastic evidenceWettinger, Godfrey; Galley, Micheline; Marshall, David R.
1986The Arabs in MaltaWettinger, Godfrey
2006Black African slaves in MaltaWettinger, Godfrey
1977Book reviewsEllul, Michael; Mangion, Giovanni; Brincat, Joseph M.; Wettinger, Godfrey; Zammit Mangion, Joseph; Luttrell, Anthony; Lanfranco, Edwin; Scerri, Louis J.; Mallia-Milanes, Victor; Buhagiar, Mario
1974Book reviewsWettinger, Godfrey; Serracino-Inglott, Peter; Galea Scannura, Charles; A.B.; Cassar, Paul; Luttrell, Anthony
1967Book reviewsBellizzi, Walter; Fiorini, Bonaventure; Wettinger, Godfrey; Weber, Bernerd C.
1989Book reviewsWettinger, Godfrey
1990Burials in Maltese churches : 1419-1530/40 *Wettinger, Godfrey
1984Burials in Maltese churches : 1419-1530sWettinger, Godfrey
1977Concubinage among the clergy of Malta and Gozo ca. 1420-1550Wettinger, Godfrey
1959Coron captives in MaltaWettinger, Godfrey
1968The distribution of surnames in Malta in 1419 and the 1480'sWettinger, Godfrey
1974Early Maltese popular attitudes to the government of the Order of St. JohnWettinger, Godfrey
1974Early Maltese popular attitudes to the government of the Order of St. JohnWettinger, Godfrey
2004The Falzon family and the capomastro of its house at MdinaWettinger, Godfrey
1965The Galley-Convicts and Buonavoglia in Malta during the rule of the OrderWettinger, Godfrey
1976The gold hoard of 1525Wettinger, Godfrey
1990The history of Gozo from the early middle ages to modern timeWettinger, Godfrey
1980Honour and shame in late fifteenth century MaltaWettinger, Godfrey
2013A land inheritance dispute in Gozo in 1485Wettinger, Godfrey
1981Late Medieval Judaeo-Arabic poetry in Vatican Hebrew MS. 411 : a postscriptWettinger, Godfrey
1979Late Medieval Judaeo-Arabic poetry in Vatican MS. 411 : links with Maltese and Sicilian ArabicWettinger, Godfrey
1971Late medieval Maltese nicknamesWettinger, Godfrey
2012Lectures 19 : program 11 : historical and fictional narratives of slaves in North Africa and MaltaDepartment of Maltese, University of Malta; Wettinger, Godfrey; Ciappara, Francis; Galea, Marco; Matar, Nabil
2007Lectures 8 : program 6 : wicc Malta qabel il-KavallieriL-Akkademja tal-Malti; Dipartiment tal-Malti, Universita ta' Malta; Wettinger, Godfrey
1978Looking back on 'The Cantilena of Peter Caxaro'Wettinger, Godfrey
1989Malta fiz-zmien nofsaniWettinger, Godfrey
1969The militia list of 1419-1420Wettinger, Godfrey
1995The ‘Norman’ Heritage of MaltaWettinger, Godfrey
1999The origin of 'Maltese' surnamesWettinger, Godfrey
1978The pawning of Malta to MonroyWettinger, Godfrey
1983Some grammatical characteristics of the place-names of Malta and Gozo in early modern timesWettinger, Godfrey
2008Stramberiji fl-ismijiet ta' l-inhawi MaltinWettinger, Godfrey
1997The young widow on Gozo who remarried too soon, 1465-68Wettinger, Godfrey