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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Loading effects on floating offshore horizontal axis wind turbines in surge motionMicallef, Daniel; Sant, Tonio
2016Local heat generation and material flow in friction stir welding of mild steel assembliesMicallef, Daniel; Camilleri, Duncan; Toumpis, Athanasios; Galloway, Alexander; Arbaoui, Larbi
2010Mathematical model of a vapour absorption refrigeration unitMicallef, Daniel; Micallef, C.
2015Measurements and modelling of the power performance of a model floating wind turbine under controlled conditionsSant, Tonio; Bonnici, David; Farrugia, Russell; Micallef, Daniel
2018A microclimate study of a free-running historic building through computational fluid dynamicsBianco, Andrea; Buhagiar, Vincent; Micallef, Daniel
2014Modelling magnetohydrodynamics to investigate variation of shielding gases on arc characteristics in the GTAW processCampbell, Stuart W.; Galloway, Alexander M.; McPherson, Norman A.; Camilleri, Duncan; Micallef, Daniel
2011Motion and performance analysis of an experimental model floating wind turbineBonnici, David; Agius, Sean; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2013Non intrusive 3D load calculation during yaw conditionsCampo, Vanessa del; Ragni, Daniele; Micallef, Daniel; Akay, Busra; Diez, Francisco Javier; Simao Ferreira, Carlos
2014On the tip vortex moving inboard before wake expansion drives it outboardvan Kuik, Gijs; Micallef, Daniel; Herraez, Ivan; Ragni, Daniele
2014The origins of a wind turbine tip vortexMicallef, Daniel; Akay, Busra; Ferreira, Carlos Simao; Sant, Tonio; van Bussel, Gerard
2018A parametric building energy simulation case study on the potential and limitations of passive design in the Mediterranean climate of MaltaManz, Heinrich; Micallef, Daniel; Borg, Simon Paul; Buhagiar, Vincent
2015A preliminary computational study of flat roof convective thermal resistance in the presence of photovoltaic panelsMicallef, Daniel; Buhagiar, Vincent; Borg, Simon Paul
2012Preliminary studies on an innovative vertical axis wind turbine concept : SATVAWTMicallef, Daniel; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Sant, Tonio; Urso, Alessandro; Xeureb, Ryan; Galea, A.
2011The relevance of spanwise flows for yawed horizontal-axis wind turbinesMicallef, Daniel; Simao Ferreira, Carlos; Sant, Tonio; Van Bussel, Gerard
2016A review of wind turbine yaw aerodynamicsMicallef, Daniel; Sant, Tonio; Aissaoui, Abdel Ghani; Tahour, Ahmed
2014The role of conservative forces in rotor aerodynamicsVan Kuik, G. A. M.; Micallef, Daniel; Herraez, Ivan; Van Zuijlen, A.H.; Ragni, Daniele
2010Rotational augmentation disparities in the MEXICO and UAE Phase VI experimentsSant, Tonio; Schreck, Scott; Micallef, Daniel
2013Simplified thermo-elastoplastic numerical modelling techniques applied to friction stir welding of mild steelMicallef, Daniel; Camilleri, Duncan; Mollicone, Pierluigi
2011-03Stereo PIV experiments on horizontal axis wind turbine rotor modelAkay, Busra; Micallef, Daniel; Simao Ferreira, Carlos; van Bussel, Gerard
2016A study on the aerodynamics of a floating wind turbine rotorFarrugia, Russell; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2009Thermal analysis of a vapour absorption refrigeration unitMicallef, Daniel; Micallef, Christopher
2015Thermal stresses and distortion developed in mild steel DH36 friction stir-welded plates : an experimental and numerical assessmentCamilleri, Duncan; Micallef, Daniel; Mollicone, Pierluigi
2010Validating BEM, direct and inverse free wake models with the MEXICO experimentMicallef, Daniel; Kloosterman, Menno; Simao Ferreira, Carlos; Sant, Tonio; van Bussel, Gerard
2009Wake skew angle variation with rotor thrust for wind turbines in yaw based on the MEXICO experimentMicallef, Daniel; Ferreira, Carlos Simao; Sant, Tonio; van Bussel, Gerard