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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11Making mutation testing a more feasible proposition for the industryMicallef, Mark; Cachia, Mark Anthony
2015Malta’s in-work benefit scheme : a comparative analysis with the earned income tax credit and the working tax creditMicallef, Mark
2005Measuring the functionality of online storesCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2003A metrication and comparison framework for e-commerce systemsMicallef, Mark
2007A multi-tier, multi-role security framework for e-commerce systemsCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2015-09Mutate my softwareMicallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2006An ontology of security threats to web applicationsCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2013-11Search based software engineeringMicallef, Mark
2018Through the lens : documentary on collectors and their obsessions using installation artMicallef, Mark
2013-11Towards a tunable, sandbox-independent approach for exploring hidden behavior in malwareGatt, James; Vella, Mark; Micallef, Mark
2008Towards an information driven software development life cycleCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2004Towards effectively appraising online storesCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2013Towards incremental mutation testingCachia, Mark Anthony; Micallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2015Using control flow analysis to improve the effectiveness of incremental mutation testingBajada, Luke; Micallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2014-11Using DSLs for software testingMicallef, Mark; Colombo, Christian
2016Using gherkin to extract tests and monitors for safer medical device interaction designCauchi, Abigail; Colombo, Christian; Francalanza, Adrian; Micallef, Mark; Pace, Gordon J.
2013Using symbolic execution for equivalent mutant detectionCachia, Mark Anthony; Micallef, Mark
2014Verifying web applications : from business level specifications to automated model-based testingColombo, Christian; Micallef, Mark; Scerri, Mark M.