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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(2)]Farrugia, Edward; Naulty, Reg; Abela, Anthony
2000The Death of the Messiah : a commentary on the Passsion Narratives in the Four Gospels [Book Review]Abela, Anthony
2005"Dei Verbum". Testo e commentAbela, Anthony
2004Discover the Bible. A Manual for Biblical Studies [Boor review]Abela, Anthony
2008Donat Spited's translation of Psalm 1, 3 within the translation tradition of the psalter in MalteseAbela, Anthony
2005Donat Spiteri's translation of Psalm 1,1-2 within the translation tradition of the psalter in MalteseAbela, Anthony
1992European values study in MaltaAbela, Anthony
2005Exegeting and translating Jas 4,5bAbela, Anthony
2009The female lover in the song of songs ushers in her beloved and her passionate love of him : songs 1,1-3Abela, Anthony
1987Gen 13 : Abraham discovers the land as God's giftAbela, Anthony
1986Genesis 15 : a non-genetic approachAbela, Anthony
1988The Genesis genesisAbela, Anthony
1999A global redactional principle within the primary history?Abela, Anthony
1997Guida alIo Studio della Bibbia Greca (LXX) [Book review]Abela, Anthony
2000Hebrew poetry in the Bible : a guide for understanding and for translating [Book review]Abela, Anthony
2004Issues in Bible translation 2 : when tradition prevails over good parsing. Reconsidering the translation oils 53,11bAbela, Anthony
2004Issues in Bible Translation, 1 : Judith's ShadowAbela, Anthony
2006Issues in Bible translation, 6 : Hannah expresses her strong feelings about her rival and about the Lord in her hymn of praise (1Sam 2,1-2)Abela, Anthony
2006Issues in Bible Translation, 7 : translating ovτὀς in 2 John 7Abela, Anthony
2007Issues in Bible translation, 8 : suggestions for a discourse analysis of Amos 5,1-6,14Abela, Anthony