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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1962Before a crucifixAquilina, J.
1975The Berber element in MalteseAquilina, J.
1975Blurring the linesAquilina, J.
1968Comparative Maltese and Arabic proverbsAquilina, J.
1964A comparative study in lexical material relating to nicknames and surnamesAquilina, J.
1964Curriculum vitae : professor A. J. ArberryAquilina, J.; Farley Hills, David L.
1964Curriculum vitae : the very Rev. Daniel A. Callus, O. P.Aquilina, J.; Farley Hills, David L.
1971The department of MalteseAquilina, J.
1966EditorialAquilina, J.
1967Editorial : introducing our principal contributorAquilina, J.
1964The English language in MaltaAquilina, J.
1971The first congress on Mediterranean studies of Arabo-Berber influenceAquilina, J.
1964Five poemsAquilina, J.
1973The future of higher educationAquilina, J.
1973[Gabra ta’ kitbiet : Lehen il-Malti, Ghadd 19] - Umanitas ; Trid titghallem ; Lil Dun Karm f’qabru ; Gwerra ; Tingiz ; Il-jien ; Zewg bicciet proza ta’ Ruzar Briffa.Aquilina, J.; Cini, T.
1973Gli Arabismi nelle Lingue Neolatine by G.B. Pellegrini ; Badr az-Zin et six contes algeriens by Aouda conteuse de L'Ouarsenis [Book reviews]Aquilina, J.; Cassar-Pullicino, J.
1973An institute of Maltese StudiesAquilina, J.
1974Intellectual proletariatAquilina, J.
1957Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 1 : issue 1Aquilina, J.; Coleiro, Edward
1958Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 1 : issue 2Aquilina, J.; Coleiro, Edward