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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Bernard's far-fetched national emergencyAquilina, Kevin
2016The bill on conversion therapy : a position paperAgius, Emmanuel; Aquilina, Kevin; Bencini, Austin; Bonello, Giovanni; Delicata, Nadia; Galea, Paul; Grima, George
2012A bill to reform the courts in Gozo and to simplify proceedings between the courts in Malta and those in GozoAquilina, Kevin
2013Book review : achieving certainty, clarity and stability through the law of procedureAquilina, Kevin
2015Book review of president emeritus Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, An introduction to the law of education (Malta University Press 2013)Aquilina, Kevin
2022[Book review] The ring metaphor and the spirit of Sofia and other essaysAquilina, Kevin
2004Broadcasting code of practice on disability and its portrayal in the broadcasting mediaAquilina, Kevin
2006-06Broadcasting in GozoAquilina, Kevin
2009Broadcasting in Malta : taking stock of five years of Maltese membership of the European UnionAquilina, Kevin
2014Can the Maltese Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2013 – Act No. XV of 2013 – be the subject of an abrogative referendum?Aquilina, Kevin
2012Case management : a tool for expediting court proceedingsAquilina, Kevin
2005Children's rights in the Maltese audiovisual landscape : proposals for legislative reformAquilina, Kevin
2023Choosing merit over political patronageAquilina, Kevin
2018Church and state relations in the Constitution of MaltaAquilina, Kevin
2012The CLSR-LSPI seminar - ‘The future of privacy regulation in the online world’Aquilina, Kevin; Emilianides, Achilles; Gidron, Tamar; Ktenas, Nicolas; Synodinou, Tatiana-Eleni
2012Conclusion [Malta at the European Court of Human Rights 1987-2012]Aquilina, Kevin
2018Consensus document : as part of an Erasmus+ project of the Bioethics Research Programme of the Medical School, on harmonisation of end of life care (EndCare)Mallia, Pierre; Aquilina, Kevin; Galea, Daniela; Sultana, Mark
2013Constitutional procedure relative to fundamental rights and freedoms [book review]Aquilina, Kevin
2017Contemporary issues in medical ethics & law conference : conference proceedings 2012-2015Aquilina, Kevin; Mallia, Pierre; Ellul, Bridget; University of Malta. Faculty of Laws; University of Malta. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
2008Countryside legislation and countryside fund reportAquilina, Kevin