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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Fighting corruption in Malta and at European Union levelsAquilina, Kevin
2023Financial services arbiter : the wrong man for the jobAquilina, Kevin
2016Flawed judicial disciplineAquilina, Kevin
2013For mercy to be fair to allAquilina, Kevin
2011Foreword [ELSA Malta Law Review, 1, 2011]Aquilina, Kevin
2012Foreword [ELSA Malta Law Review, 2, 2012]Aquilina, Kevin
2023Freedom of Information Act : out of the pan into the fire?Aquilina, Kevin
2006Freedom of information as a constitutive ingredient of freedom of expression : the case of Malta within the European contextAquilina, Kevin
2012Freedom of movement across the EU : legal and ethical issues for children with chronic diseaseMercieca, Cecilia; Aquilina, Kevin; Pullicino, Richard; Borg, Andrew A.
2011The freedom to impart political information vs. the absolute broadcasting ban on political advertising – a human rights perspectiveAquilina, Kevin
2011From the Neolithic temples to the city of Valletta : the interpretation of Maltese cultural heritage law terminology within an international and European perspectiveAquilina, Kevin
2011Full force of freedom of informationAquilina, Kevin
2023Government's tweaked abortion lawAquilina, Kevin
2006Health, bioethics and the lawCauchi, Maurice N.; Aquilina, Kevin; Ellul, Bridget
2005The historical evolution of the law of official secrecy in MaltaAquilina, Kevin
2008The human right principle of legality : nullum crimen/nulla poena sine lege certaAquilina, Kevin
2018Human rights law : selected writings of Kevin AquilinaAquilina, Kevin
2000Humpty dumpty & planning regulationsAquilina, Kevin
2013Il sistema ambiente, tra etica, diritto ed economiaAquilina, Kevin; Iaquinta, Pietro
1989Il-ligi Maltija u l-piena kapitaliAquilina, Kevin