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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Magisterial inquiriesAquilina, Kevin
2023Maladministration at its best... but who cares!Aquilina, Kevin
2012MaltaAndo', Biagio; Aquilina, Kevin; Scerri Diacono, Jotham; Zammit, David E.
2023Malta - a paper democracy and moreAquilina, Kevin
2023Malta : one large construction site - how the Planning Authority ruined MaltaAquilina, Kevin
2018Malta [International encyclopaedia of laws : constitutional law]Aquilina, Kevin
2012Malta [The Situation in the EU Member States report]Aquilina, Kevin
2023Malta as a dysfunctional stateAquilina, Kevin
2023Malta at the Security Council : more of the same?Aquilina, Kevin
2007The Maltese crime of espionage and the nullum crimen sine lege certa maxim : complementary or conflicting?Aquilina, Kevin
2017Maltese law and the end of lifeAquilina, Kevin; University of Malta. Faculty of Laws; University of Malta. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
2012The Maltese legal system : volume IAttard, David J.; Aquilina, Kevin; Vella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia
2015The Maltese legal system : volume II : part AAttard, David J.; Aquilina, Kevin; Vella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia
2021The Maltese legal system : volume II : part BAttard, David J.; Aquilina, Kevin; Vella De Fremeaux (Mallia), Patricia
1990Maltese legislation on the prevention, reduction and control of marine pollution : a critical studyAquilina, Kevin
2014The mass media’s role in strengthening democracy in an information society : a critical legal appraisalAquilina, Kevin
2010The Mediterranean environment within a human rights context : towards the emergence of Mediterranean environmental human rights law and the implementation of an effective enforcement machinery thereforAquilina, Kevin; Bianco, Lino
2021-06Misreading the Venice CommissionAquilina, Kevin; Bencini, Austin; Bonello, Giovanni; Borg, Tonio
2007MT - Medicinal products and medical treatments consultation documentAquilina, Kevin
2016[MT] Administrative sanctions and broadcasting lawAquilina, Kevin