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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Offer of resignation following a change in GovernmentAquilina, Kevin
2006Old wine in new bottles : shifting the criminal sanction into administrative law - part 1Aquilina, Kevin
2006Old wine in new bottles : shifting the criminal sanction into administrative law - part 2Aquilina, Kevin
2021-02-07The Ombudsman revisited [Book review]Aquilina, Kevin
2011On legal education : a vision statement for the Faculty of Laws, University of MaltaAquilina, Kevin
2008On Mepa reformAquilina, Kevin
2010Oration : respect for human dignity and the lawAquilina, Kevin
2023Owen's abuse of power galoreAquilina, Kevin
2023Owen's ‘magna kawlata kawlatorum’Aquilina, Kevin
2012The parliament of Malta versus the Constitution of Malta : parliament’s law-making function under section 65(1) of the ConstitutionAquilina, Kevin
2023Pilatus : a laundromat bank in EuropeAquilina, Kevin
1994The Planning Appeals Board in operationAquilina, Kevin
2023Plus ça change, plus c’est la mème choseAquilina, Kevin
2012Plus ça change, plus c’est la mème chose? – An examination of planning provisions of the recently enacted Environment and Development Planning Act 2010Aquilina, Kevin
2023The politics of clientelismAquilina, Kevin
2013The predominant influence of roman adoption law principles upon the Maltese legal systemAquilina, Kevin
2006The presumption of innocence and reverse onus provisions in Maltese lawAquilina, Kevin
1992A profile of the Maltese courts of justiceAquilina, Kevin; Micallef, Paul E.
2007Programmi ta' kwalità għat-tfalAquilina, Kevin; Axiak, Mario; DeBono, Daniela; Muscat Azzopardi, Marian; Broadcasting Authority (Malta); Commission for the Children (Malta)
2011Protection of journalistic sources in Maltese law : an appraisal from the viewpoint of the European Convention of Human RightsAquilina, Kevin